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Things We “Appreciate” About Our Pets

Things We

We love our pets. Obviously. We wouldn’t work for Found Animals and have plenty of pets of our own if we didn’t. But let’s face it: Sometimes our critters make us crazy. Some are destructive, some are noisy and some are just plain messy. Here’s our list of things we “appreciate” about our pets!

  1. When I pull my dog into my lap and she promptly farts onto my leg.
  2. When she farts in my face in the middle of the night.
  3. When she farts multiple times in front of my boss.
  4. When the cat is purring and asking for attention and then she scratches me to death or draws blood with her teeth.
  5. When my dog grabs a chicken wing off of the table and then spends the entire night having diarrhea every 30 minutes.
  6. When my dog chucks her chew toy under the bed and then cries until I retrieve it for her.
  7. When my dog jumps on everyone who comes to my house.
  8. When my dog would rather play with other dogs in her obedience class than learn any actual obedience skills.
  9. When my cat insists on “helping” me write emails.
  10. When my 50-lb dog insists on “helping” me write emails.
  11. When I have to buy a new laptop because my dog insisted on “helping” me write emails.
  12. When my dog poops in my lap.
  13. When my cat poops right next to the litter box instead of in it.
  14. When my dog pees on the bathmat while I’m taking a shower.
  15. When I turn around and realize my dog has been creepily staring at me the whole time I take a shower.
  16. When my cat knocks a book off the table.
  17. When my cat knocks my computer mouse off the table.
  18. When my cat knocks a pen off the table.
  19. When my cat knocks a full glass of the table.
  20. When my dog steals my dinner, decides she doesn’t like it and spits it out onto the floor.
  21. When my dog growls at other dogs.
  22. When my dog growls at other people.
  23. When my dog tries to run into moving traffic.
  24. When my dog gets carsick and throws up in the car.
  25. When my dog gets diarrhea in the car.
  26. When my cat coughs up a hairball in my shoe.
  27. When the cat brings dead animals into the house as gifts for me.
  28. When my dog poops in my shoe.
  29. When I fold laundry, turn my back and see that my dog has unfolded all of it.
  30. When my dog only obeys me when no one else is around to see it.
  31. When my cat does something cute and stops doing it as soon as I try to take a picture on my phone.
  32. When my dog digs up my garden.
  33. When my dog pees on the doggy door instead of going outside.
  34. When my dog yells at the TV.
  35. When my dog scratches up the hardwood floors.
  36. When I can’t resist the temptation to spend hundreds of dollars on cat trees and toys.
  37. One word: DROOL.