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The 2023 Michelson Found Animals Holiday Gift Guide for Pets


The 9 Best Holiday Gifts for Pets in 2023

The greatest gift you can give this holiday season is a present for your pet. While friends and loved ones might be underwhelmed after ripping off the wrapping paper, your animal is the one recipient guaranteed to love whatever you get them—even if it is just a pile of ripped-up wrapping paper!

However, if you’ve got designs on a more exciting gift for your dog or cat, this is the guide for you. Our friends at Leap Venture Studio have carefully combed through their family of brands and selected the products your pets will love long after the holidays are over.

So whether you’re looking for festive-themed dog treats or gourmet cat food, pick one of these items to cement your status, to your pet at least, as the world’s greatest gift-giver.

Happy holidays from Michelson Found Animals!

Bundle x Joy


Bundle x Joy is the go-to brand for the indecisive gift-giver. The company offers food, supplements, toys, and accessories bundled together in a curated package to suit your dog.

The company is also female-founded, and is committed to supporting women entrepreneurs who are so often overlooked for funding. Their 3% give-back program funds women founders in the pet care space and other industries. Your dog will love their bundle, and you’ll feel good about buying it. 

Shameless Pets


While your dog or cat might not appreciate a pun like ‘Santa’s Yelpers’ or ‘Kitty Cane’, they are sure to love the treats that boast these names. The goodies are packed with nutrition and sustainably cooked up with ‘upcycled’ surplus and misfit produce, AKA fruit and vegetables that are completely fine but look too weird for the grocery store. 

Shameless Pets also sells non-festive treats without punny-names, which might not be of interest to you during the holiday season but is certainly a smart-move from a business standpoint. 

Native Pet


Native Pet offers a line of supplements that give your dog’s health an extra boost. Made with whole food ingredients like wild-caught salmon and grass-fed beef, their products will make coats glossier, joints stronger, and digestion easier.

High-quality ingredients, thoughtful recipes, no filler or additives. Your dog will thank you.



When it comes to food, people, sleeping locations, furniture to shred or random bits of string to pursue, cats have extremely discerning tastes.

While Smalls might not be able to ingratiate your cat to visitors or stop them from destroying the arm of your couch, it can make their daily meals much more appealing. Made with premium quality, high-protein ingredients, Smalls’ vet-formulated food can best be described as gourmet. 

It also packs major health-benefits, with customers saying their cats have higher energy and shinier coats. Over half of the customers report less stinky litter boxes, too. Let that be a present to yourself.

Wild Earth


According to a recent survey, around 10% of Americans identify as vegetarian. While the ethical and nutritional aspects of the diet can’t prompt some spirited debates, one thing is certain: ditching meat is good for the environment.

Thanks to Wild Earth, now your dog can play their part in the fight against climate change. The brand makes plant-based dog food packed with the nutrients your pet needs to thrive. That’s right, plant-based. Dogs are classed as omnivores and don’t need to eat meat as part of a balanced diet.

By switching your dog to Wild Earth this holiday season, you’ll be feeding them additive- and allergen-free meals that are sustainably made.

Bright Planet


The plant-based theme continues with Bright Planet, who make a range of flavored treats with all-natural, animal-free ingredients.

The company, which is woman-owned and American-made, makes a donation to help plant a tree for every bag of treats purchased. And the treats themselves create up to 90% less carbon emissions and use up to 68% less water than a similar meat-based option.

Give your dog the gift of lowering their carbon pawprint this holiday season! Even if they don’t grasp that concept they will definitely love Bright Planets products.

Pet Plate


After pouring a serving of Pet Plate’s food into your dog’s bowl, you might think, “Hey. That actually looks pretty…good?” The company offers high-quality, human-grade, whole food ingredients that look less like dog food than, as Pet Plate puts it, “food for dogs.”

We’re talking premium meat, real veggies, and no mystery filler. The company’s delivery service is tailored to your pet, meaning Pet Plate food will satisfy the pickiest pup and give their health a boost.

Dr. Cuddles


The holiday season can be a risky time for pets. A lot of cooking, packed dinner tables, and crowded family gatherings all increase the chances of things falling on the floor – things that could be toxic for your pet.

Dr. Cuddles’ emergency kit holiday bundle contains products that could literally save your pet’s life. Along with formulas to treat wounds and irritated eyes and ears, the bundle contains the brand’s ReadyRESCUE detoxifier for dogs and cats. The emergency treatment can be given to your dog or cat if they ingest something they really shouldn’t, including chocolate, human medication, and household chemicals.


If you’re looking to prioritize your dogs’ health in 2024 then look no further than Oncotect. The company offers an at home cancer screen test for your dog, offering peace of mind for people and improving patient outcomes for your best friend.

The screening kit is for dogs seven years and older. It is designed for larger, high-risk breeds like Boxers, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, or Bernese Mountain Dogs.

We hope one of these gift suggestions will ensure your furry friend has a day to remember. 

From everyone here at Michelson Found Animals, we’d like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season!