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Leap Venture Studio Cohort 8 Demo Day – Watch Now!

The Leap Venture Studio & Academy is the first startup-centric program built to springboard innovation in the growing pet ecosystem. In addition to the six companies selected for the Leap portfolio, a seventh “impact company” was also included in this year’s Leap Venture Studio program. The startups have been working closely with the Leap partners over the past 12 weeks, and the Leap Venture Studio culminates today with this online pitch event, our virtual “demo day.”

Leap welcomed the following 6 companies to their portfolio:

GekkoVet is an online diagnostic and treatment tool for veterinary professionals by veterinarians.

Innovative Pet Lab is a science-driven pet wellness company empowering the pet community with at-home tests and personalized solutions.

Omni was founded by veterinarians on a mission to create a healthier and more sustainable pet food that doesn’t compromise on flavor or price.

Scooch is an AI-powered holistic pet health subscription for the new generation of pet parents.

VetVerifi better connects the pet economy by fetching verified vaccination records at the moment they are needed.

WIMBA is transforming Pet Orthopedics with WIMBA AI & 4D Printing Technology. from video scan to custom orthotics and prosthetics in minutes. In addition,

Leap also included the first-ever social impact company in cohort 8 as a special seventh member. BestyBnB is an impact-driven, technical platform that removes barriers to accessing services and bridges the gap between Human Social Services and Animal Welfare Agencies by enabling and enhancing pet advocacy through Crisis Care and Safety Net Programs so agencies can find safe and confidential temporary housing for their client’s pets until they can be reunited.

The Leap Venture Studio represents Michelson Found Animals and Mars Petcare’s commitment to improving the lives of pets and their owners through science, technology, and innovation. The Studio is supported by R/GA Ventures, a world-class services platform that connects our startups with award-winning strategists, technologists, designers, and consultants. The combined networks and resources of R/GA, Michelson Found Animals, and Mars Petcare make the Leap Venture Studio the most effective startup accelerator in the pet care industry.

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The Leap Cohort 8 team of founders at this kickoff in London