Michelson Found Animals Lifesaving Grants focus on decreasing shelter intake and increasing live outcomes. We partner with organizations to fund and build programs that serve underfunded communities and pets at the highest risk.

Celebrating 10 Years of Spay4LA

SPAY4LA’s mission is to alleviate the needless pain and suffering of thousands of animals killed in Los Angeles shelters. They achieve this by operating two SPAY4LA Mobile Clinics which travel to Los Angeles’ most underserved communities and offer low-cost or free spay/neuter, microchip, vaccination, and basic wellness services.

SPAY4LA was founded in 2010 as a joint partnership between Michelson Found Animals and the Coalition for Pets and Public Safety. The two mobile clinics were generously provided by Erika Brunson, founder of the organization Coalition for Pets and Public Safety. Michelson Found Animals has proudly contributed over $1MM to the SPAY4LA mission, while Director of Grants Jonathan Chavez is also a current Board Member and actively involved in operations and management of the organization.

To date, SPAY4LA has spayed/neutered over 75,000 pets,
and is on the road helping pet parents 220 days a year.

Total Spay/Neuter Surgeries

MFA partnered with Stray Cat Alliance and the City of Long Beach, CA to launch a Shelter/Neuter/Return Program that addresses the challenge of sheltering unowned cats and offers an alternative to in-shelter euthanasia. Our program sterilizes, vaccinates, and returns healthy, unowned shelter cats to their location of origin and improves shelter live release rates.

To date, this program has saved nearly 5,000 cats from
euthanasia, allowing them to leave the shelter alive.

Michelson Found Animals
Fundraising Challenges

MFA’s Fundraising Challenges go beyond traditional grant-making impact. We create an opportunity for animal welfare nonprofits to learn critical fundraising skills and build a donor base that will help them achieve their lifesaving goals by competing for cash prizes.