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Pepper the Rescue Dog’s Wishlist

Pepper the Rescue Dog's Wishlist

Dearest Human,

Lemme preface this list with a quick statement: We’ve only been together a short amount of time, but it seems like forever, doesn’t it? Can you believe you actually used to have to work without me trying to stick my tongue up your nose? I don’t know how you survived it.

And I’ve been a good pupper this year. I only ran into traffic THAT ONE TIME and poop on the bathmat every other month or so. I think that’s a decent track record — or at least one deserving of a nice little something(s). So without further ado, here are some small things I could use. You know, just to show me that you care. And when you buy them through these links, Found Animals will get a portion of the proceeds to save more rescue animals like me!

Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg

The song of my people.

Snoop Dogg holding microphone

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

These are for when you insist on abandoning me at doggie daycare. Maybe they’ll make those other dogs take a hint. Splurge on these here.

Black Bose headphones


Sometimes I just need to get away from it all and feel the wind in my neck rolls. This thingamajig with GPS will let you know where I am. Buy this must-buy here.

Black Whistle pet GPS

Kangaroo Hoodie

You seem a little annoyed when I try to climb your torso like a tree. I thought this hoodie would be a nice compromise. Get your one-way ticket to constant cuddles here.


Woman wearing blue hoodie with kangaroo pocket


Stop leaving me behind when you go to improv class or on a first date. We all know that “great” guy is going to have to meet me eventually anyway. Buy it here.


Woman pushing small white dog in stroller


Okay, if you simply must abandon me for an hour, I will accept this as a consolation prize. This way we can video chat the whole time you’re gone. Buy it here.

Furbo pet treat dispenser

Reservoir Dogs

It’s about doggies swimming, right? Get it here.

Reservoir Dogs Blu-ray cover

10-Pack of Peanut Butter

We ran out last week. Don’t let it happen again. Are we understood? Snag it here.

Simply Jif peanut butter jar


Forever yours,


P.S. Follow my adventures/naps on Instagram here and other great rescue pets like me on Found Animal’s Instagram account here!