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Our 3 Favorite Fictional Black Cats

Black Cats

Autumn always has us thinking about falling leaves, bright orange pumpkins and of course, black cats! These dark-furred felines are common in pop culture. Here are our three favorite fictional black cats!


Sufferin succotash! Who doesn’t love Sylvester? Certainly not the Academy. In fact, three Sylvester cartoons — Tweetie Pie, Speedy Gonzales, and Birds Anonymous — won Academy Awards. That’s more awards than any other Looney Tune, including the reigning supreme Bugs Bunny. During the golden age of American animation, he appeared in 103 cartoons, only falling short of Bugs, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck. Sylvester isn’t exactly a hero like Bugs, but we enjoy watching him fail and fail again to catch his nemesis, the impossibly squee Tweety. Sylvester’s lisp, tenacity and tuxedo fur make this cat an icon.


Felix is another one of our favorite black cartoon cats. He first came to be in the silent film era, first appearing in Feline Follies in 1919. Later, Felix found his voice and has since been voiced by 10 different actors. Felix then became a worldwide phenomenon. It almost comes as no surprise that his name is derived from the Latin word for “happy!”

The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss revolutionizes children’s literature and his crowning achievement was The Cat in the Hat. It was originally published in 1957 as an alternative to the rather bland “Dick and Jane” primers. The Cat in the Hat is timeless and read to children, generation after generation. It tells of the dangers of running amok, while still being fun and not being preachy. Dr. Seuss’ writing style is one of a kind and his characters, namely the titular cat, strike a chord with audiences of all ages.