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Top 6 Health Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

health reasons to spay or neuter your pet

There are many great reasons to spay and neuter your pet. Here are the top 6 that directly impact your pet’s health.

1. Spaying your pet reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Yes, dogs can get breast cancer too. Spaying your female dog prior to her first heat cycle will reduce her risk of breast cancer by 22%. Heat cycles can start as young as 5-6 months of age for female dogs.

2. Spaying your pet prevents heat cycles.

Heat cycles can occur every 6-8 months for dogs and every 1-3 weeks for cats. This cycling can be very hard on your pet’s health.

3. Spaying prevents pyometra.

Heat cycles can lead to a life-threatening condition called pyometra, which is when the uterus fills with bacteria and pus (most common in dogs). This can lead to death if not treated. Spaying is the only way to prevent it.

Intact (un-neutered) male dogs make up 75% of dogs hit by cars.

4. Spaying reduces the risk of mammary cancer.

Mammary cancer is especially deadly to cats. 90% of breast cancers in cats are malignant.The best way to prevent mammary cancer is by spaying before six months of age, which reduces the risk by 90%.

5. Neutering prevents testicular cancer, prostate enlargement, and perianal fistulas in males.

These conditions are all preventable by neutering.

6. Neutering reduces risk of death or injury by cars.

Intact (un-neutered) males have an extremely strong desire to mate and will roam in search of a partner. Intact male dogs make up 75% of dogs hit by cars. Neutering reduces the urge to mate thereby making it less likely your pet will bolt from your house or escape your yard and put himself in harm’s way.

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