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Why Black Cats Make Exceptional Pets

Black Cat

Michelson Found Animals Loves Black Cats

Here at Found Animals, we truly love black cats. Although each and every cat has a unique personality, in general, we have noticed a few traits that really stand out in these small, dark and handsome cuties.

Beautiful: From brownish to bluish to every shade of black in between, black cats are stunning. They look like onyx – that is, if onyx were covered in gorgeous velvety fur.

Loyal: Black cats make loving family members. They love to cuddle and play. They might even meow to you over the phone when you are away from home. Black cats are wonderful at being both friendly to all and dedicated to their person/people.

Adaptable: Black cats are capable of quickly adapting to a change in circumstances. Rescued black cats from the streets often warm quickly, to not only their rescuers, but people in general. They are frequently friendly and outgoing – even in a high-stress, kenneled shelter environment.

Companionable: Friendly not only towards people and animals they are familiar with, black cats can be outgoing and like to meet new friends and family members.

Keen: Black cats can be unusually perceptive to the things going on around them. From having a bad day to preparing to move, they sense the changes and accompanying stress their humans are under. These kitties do their best to stay by your side and provide moral support. They might give you extra love when you’re experiencing a great deal of anxiety or jump in your suitcase while you pack for a long trip.

Compassionate: Not only friendly, they seem to take devotion to the max. Some black cats let foster animals eat before they do. They make steadfast companions and can be very proactive about taking care of others – bringing other animals food, and washing people and animals they’ve just met.

Aware: Black cats seem to walk a line – they are sometimes more calm and reserved than some other cats, yet they balance that personality trait by staying playful and active throughout their lives. They relish new toys and found objects, and are talented at entertaining themselves for hours. Then they’ll nap for many hours afterward of course! The types of games they create, and the ones they enjoy engaging in, often involve other people and animals. They frequently like complex games, such as fetch and tag.

Totally Adoptable: Even the most wild of black cats have great potential to make amazing family members. Whether they were feral or came from less-than-stellar living situations, these kitties can be wonderful pets.

Smart: Black cats are frequently very smart. They are savvy to things going on around them. They can be highly responsive and capable of handling change, throughout which, they remain calm, loving, energetic companions.