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What’s in a Name: Cat Names Edition

Cat Names

You found the perfect cat or kitten. They have a terrific personality and are cute as can be. And you thought that was the hard part… that is, until you realized your new four-legged friend needs a name. How do you choose perfect unisex cat names, female cat names or male cat names for perfect animals? We pulled together this naming guide to make the task a bit easier. Check out our Dog Names Edition too!

Once you pick some good cat names, update your microchip registry profile and put the name and your contact information on an ID tag. Even indoor cats can escape and get lost, so increase their chances of getting home safe with a collar and tag.

Traditional Cat Names

Boots, Mittens, Whiskers, Socks

There are so many traditional names for felines and most of them seem to be named after clothing and accessories. But that’s okay. No need to reinvent the wheel if you like a name that sounds a bit old-fashioned. These are perfectly acceptable names and make good cat names for boys and good cat names for girls.

Goes well with: Needlepoint throw pillows and moth balls.

Thematic Cat Names

Rick & Morty, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Simon & Garfunkel

You don’t do cat condos. You prefer cat colosseums. Your home is chock full of felines. Going with a theme is a great way to name several cats at once and is a popular naming method at shelters. Look to all kinds of famous groups of people, places and things when you need multiple female cat names and male cat names.

Goes well with: A literal ton of catnip.

Cute Cat Names

Professor Wiggly Tush, Daisy, Mimzy

These cute cat names are as sticky-sweet as an Anne Geddes calendar. Maybe some think these girl cat names and boy cat names are a little over the top, but who cares? Follow your bliss! And anyone who says these are just cat names for girls and don’t make good cat names for boys is just being closed-minded.

Goes well with: A separate closet dedicated entirely to cat sweaters.

Cool Cat Names

Riverdale, Blue Ivy, Jon Snow

You know all the right people and go to all the right places – now you need ideas for cool cat names that are just as cool as you. Get inspiration from the latest shows and your favorite celebrities.

Goes well with: Avocado toast and 1 million Snapchat friends.

Funny Cat Names

Dog, Catman

You’re hilarious and you know it. Opt for irony, puns or simply the absurd when coming up with funny cat names.

Goes well with: A year of improv classes.

Human Names

Saul, Richard, Emily Dickinson

You love your cat. Like REALLY love your cat. As far as you’re concerned, they deserve voting rights. You wrote in your kitty as a dependent on your tax returns and were appalled when the IRS started asking questions. For these felines, get inspiration for girl cat names and boy cat names from anyone you already know. How about your name and then “Junior”? They are your child after all.

Goes well with: A cat stroller. Your baby shouldn’t have to exert themselves and walk anywhere.

In the end, just choose a name that makes you happy. Naming your cat is fun, so don’t overthink it!