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What’s in a Name: Dog Names Edition

Dog Names

Some argue that coming up with good dog names is an art. When adopting a new pooch, sometimes perfect girl dog names or boy dog names seem awfully elusive. You want something that’s memorable and full of personality. You can poll your friends and family or consult a book of baby names, but we pulled together this naming guide just for you. Check out our Cat Names Edition too!

Traditional Dog Names

Spot, Max, Spike

While common, you can’t go wrong with traditional dog name. These good dog names are crowd-pleasers and unlikely to offend or make a potential adopter say, “Huh?” Traditional names are timeless. They don’t go out of style after an inside joke is no longer funny or a celebrity’s 15 minutes have expired.

Goes well with: Blue jeans and a red bandana.

Thematic Dog Names

Gold & Frankincense, Wednesday & Pugsley, Sonny & Cher

People tend to opt for a theme when naming multiple pets. Some great puppy names for boys are John, Paul, George and Ringo. You could also take inspiration from movie or book characters. Another popular option for a mixture of female dog names and dog names for boys is to make all the names begin with the same letter.

Goes well with: A Costco membership

Cute Dog Names

Munchkin, Muffin, Pumpkin, Princess Foof-Face

Basically any food names will make your friends go, “Aww!” These cute dog names might sound a twitch too “twee” for some, but you know your pup can pull it off.

Goes well with: Lace, bows and rhinestones.

Trendy Dog Names

Khaleesi, Bae, Fenty

You are certain that your dog is the next Doug the Pug. Your life is lit and the world knows it.

Goes well with: A pumpkin spice latte and 800,000 Instagram followers.

Funny Dog Names

Cat, Dawg, Cesar Millan

There’s a boy named Sue, so why couldn’t there be a dog named Cat? Feel free to employ a generous amount of irony when looking for funny dog names. Other good options include named your Teacup Yorkie Goliath or a Great Dane Smallville.

Goes well with: An SNL boxset.

Human Dog Names

Murray, Agatha, Henry, Charlotte

Regular human names are perfect if your pet is a real member of your family – like, really a member of the family. You go everywhere together. You make their food from scratch, half of your closet is filled with their clothes and you call them your child without a hint of irony. If your furchild is royality, try female dog names like Victoria or dog names for boys like Charles.

Goes well with: A wedding invite +1 for your canine companion. You’ll both have the chicken, thanks.

When in doubt, just go with your gut. There are no wrong answers for puppy names for boys or puppy names for girls, so brainstorm to your heart’s content. Same goes for girl dog names and boy dog names. As long as the name you choose doesn’t sound like a command, such as sit or stay, anything goes!