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Treat Yourself: Splurges for Your Dog or Cat

This article contains affiliate links. Found Animals receives a portion of the proceeds from every purchase made after clicking on the links. These profits go toward saving more homeless animals!

Sometimes you just want to treat the special someone in your life to a little something special. And by that special someone, we mean your cat or dog. And sometimes the gift isn’t so little either. Tell your pet, “Treat yo self!” because here is our list of awesome splurge gifts for cats and dogs.

Kitty Mansions Rome Cat Tree

Indoor cats deserve a paradise of their own. The Kitty Mansion is a cat tree for feline royalty. It’s over 7 feet tall and comes in neutral hues that will go with any decor. It’s covered in faux fur for cozy naptime and the toys, ladders and hiding spaces will keep your cat busy all day long. Buy the Kitty Mansion here.

Large cat tree

Large Heated Cedar Outdoor Cat House with Heated Loft

Honestly, this is nicer than our apartments. This outdoor cat house is made with cedar and features a heated loft for chilly days and nights. You’re free to adjust the temperature to your cat’s liking because the heat is thermostat-controlled too. Purchase this fabulous pad here.

Outdoor cat house in yard

Wooden Outdoor Cat House

Who says indoor cats can’t go outside? Let the sun shine on their faces with this closed-in outdoor cat house. This beauty keeps your cats safe from coyotes and birds safe from your cats! Snag it here.

Large wooden outdoor cat house

Petiture ‘White/Turquoise’ Sofa

Your pets are far too good for normal animal beds. Up your home decoration game with this slick pet sofa. It comes in turquoise and other hues. Find the sofa here.

Blue & white round pet sofa

K-9 III VARIABLE SPEED Dog Grooming Dryer

Is your normal hair dryer taking too long to dry off your pup? Crank things up a notch with a special dog grooming dryer. Get it here.

Two dog grooming dryers

BarkPark Doggie Crawl Tunnel

Turn the ground in your backyard into a playground with this Doggie Crawl Tunnel. Boring ol’ frisbee is played out and this tunnel serves as great entertainment for pups. Buy it here.

Green doggie crawl tunnel

GoPet Treadmill

If you live in a super cold or hot climate, a pet treadmill is the perfect way to exercise your dog. Sick of missing TV time while you take your pooch on never-ending walks? Plunk this thing in your living room and you’ll never have to miss an episode of “The Bachelor” ever again. Get the treadmill here.

Large brown dog walking on pet treadmill

Aqua Quest Right Plumb Walk-In Bathtub Size: 58″ H

Groomer schroomer. Treat yo self and get the job done yourself with an animal bathtub for your home. Find it here.

Steel pet bathtub with step stool

Viper Grooming Table

What better place to use your new, fancy, dog grooming dryer than a new, fancy, grooming table? Buy it here.

Professional pet grooming table