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Our Top 5 Female Animal Rights Celebrities

Animal Rights Celebrities

We love animals and famous women do too! Here are our top five female animal rights celebrities who are passionate about animal welfare.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was the perfect embodiment of a strong woman. She wasn’t just a legendary actress, portraying Princess Leia. She was also a writer, screenwriter and activist. In terms of social work, she’s best known for being a mental health advocate, and speaking frankly about her struggles with addiction and Bipolar Disorder.

However, she was also a champion for animal rights.Carrie Fisher spoke out against the cat and dog meat trades. In her later years, Carrie gushed about her emotional support dog, Gary. He accompanied her all over the world, frequently wearing a very snazzy sequin fanny pack.

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson is something of a feminist icon, known for portraying strong female characters. What you may not know is that the woman who brought Dana Scully of the X-Files to life is also a passionate animal rights activist. In fact, she’s even won an award for her hard work.

Many of her vehement efforts include letter-writing to various governments on the subject of animal testing. In 2009, she encouraged every Member of the European Parliament to vote to protect animals. While filming in India in 2015, she pleaded with the Indian government to end toxicity tests on animals when the data for such experiments already exists. In 2017, she penned another letter encouraging Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to oppose the country’s annual commercial seal hunt.


Kesha is famous for detailing her history of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her producer. She made the controversial move of suing him and after her legal troubles, performed a heartfelt rendition of her single “Praying” at the 2017 Grammy Awards. Kesha is also passionate about animal rights and even starred in a video for Human Society International in 2015.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres made history by coming out in the ‘90s. Now she hosts her long-running talk show that first aired in 2003. Ellen Degeneres is perhaps best well known for her comedy and slick dance movies, but she’s also an animal welfare advocate and has her own dog and cat product line. Ellen is vegan and her website has an entire section on veganism. She also pushes for animal rights law, including donating $25,000 to halt legislation that would outlaw investigators from recording animal abuse on farms.

Betty White

Betty White is an epic celebrity and – dare we say it – a golden animal welfare activist. She’s in her late 90s and the only living Golden Girl. Betty White started her career in the 1940s and still performs today. She also fills her time being an animal rights advocate. Betty works with more than four animal welfare organizations and has worked in animal rights since the early ‘70s.