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The Top 10 Ways Pets and People are #BetterTogether

At Found Animals, we believe that pets and people are simply #bettertogether. Here are our top 10 reasons why!

  1. Pets are physically affectionate. Here at Found Animals, we believe that any day with dog kisses or cat headbutts is a day well spent. Sometimes humans are too wrapped up in their phones to really appreciate the person sitting next to them. But pets know the power of physical affection. They’re always happy to show you their love.
  2. Pets make the Internet better. The Internet is sometimes a bleak place and you might have heard the saying “Never read the comments section.” And it’s true! A lot of folks use the Internet to dump their insecurities onto other people. Sometimes online conversations turn into straight-up digital screaming matches. But one thing that everyone loves online? Pets. Cat videos don’t make you feel bad about your body or your taste in movies. Online content is just simply better when it’s centered around pets!
  3. Pets get you through the hard times. Maybe there’s been a death in the family or you simply had a bad day at work. Maybe you just moved to a new city and have yet to make any friends. These are the times when pets really shine. They know when we’re feeling down and snuggle away our blues.
  4. Pets keep you fit. Sometimes it’s hard to resist the siren song of Netflix, but the dog ain’t gonna walk itself. And since exercise is playtime for pets, it makes staying active feel like less of a bore and chore. Treadmills might seem monotonous, but a game of frisbee in the sunshine is a good time!
  5. Pets help us connect with other humans. Making friends with other people isn’t always easy. However, connecting with folks is easier when you involve pets. Going to the dog park, volunteering at a shelter or simply nodding knowingly at your neighbor when his dog takes an epic dump is a great way to meet other folks in your community.
  6. Pets make us laugh. Their stand-up routines aren’t so great, but pets are still uproariously funny. Their antics are always good for a giggle.
  7. Pets give your life structure and stability. Sure, you haven’t left the couch in what seems like weeks, but at least you fed the cat! That kind of structure in your day gives you the forward momentum to pay your bills, make dinner and finally get off the darn sofa.
  8. Pets have a role in our society. From working dogs to emotional support animals, many pets play an important role in our world. Therapy dogs help struggling children learn to read and service animals guide people throughout their day. We don’t know what we’d do without them!
  9. Pets teach you responsibility. Animals can’t take care of themselves. It’s why we affectionately call ourselves “pet parents.” Having another living thing depend on you for food, exercise and other necessities makes you a more responsible human being.
  10. Pets teach us that life is precious. An unfortunate fact of pet ownership is that they don’t live as long as we do. And while the death of a pet is heartbreaking, it teaches us the value of life, and to appreciate what we have before it’s gone. Each pet is a gift!
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