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The Essential Pet Travel Checklist

pet travel checklist

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Feeling overwhelmed before traveling with your animal? Not sure what to pack? Here’s the essential pet travel checklist!

Pet Travel Bag

When traveling with a pet, you need to bring a variety of items with you. This bag is perfect for all your stuff. We love it because it comes with food and water bowls too! Find it here.

Canopy by Hilton

When traveling with pets, it’s important you stay somewhere that’s pet-friendly! We love Canopy by Hilton because they love animals. Their ‘Paws’ Program for guests includes dog beds, welcome gifts and hotel doggy get-togethers. Book your stay here.

pet travel

Pet Travel Gear

If you’re traveling with a pooch, Kurgo is your go-to brand for gear. They offer quality collars, leashes, seat belts, harnesses and more! Shop Kurgo here.


Even the most well-behaved pets can get spooked while traveling. There’s so much hubbub with crowds and the sound of engines and traffic. Plus, many modes of travel require that your pet stay on a leash. This is why it’s so important that you keep your pet on a leash while you get from Point A to Point B. You just never know what might frighten your pet and they’ll make a run for it. Get this nylon rope leash here.

ID Tag

The truth of the matter is that sometimes pets get lost. And the easiest way for someone to recognize your animal as belonging to you is by looking at their ID tag. This is why it’s so crucial that your pet always wears a collar and tag. Make sure the tag is engraved with your pet’s name and your phone number. Get a tag here.

Pet Food

A pet’s gotta eat! Make sure you pack enough chow for the duration of your trip. We love this Natural Balance limited ingredient dog food. Find it here.

Food and Water Bowls

Obviously if you pack food, your pet will need to eat it out of something. Try these great ceramic bowls! Snag them here.


One thing that can help ease pet anxiety during travel is making sure they can build their own “nest” with a blanket that smells like home. We love this grey one. Buy it here.

Dog Goggles

If you’re going to be spending plenty of time outside, you might want to get your pooch these goggles. They protect against the sun, wind, fog, dust and snow. Get them here.

Paw Protectors

Traveling comes with all sorts of rough terrain like scorching pavement or freezing snow and ice. You gotta protect those furry tootsies from scrapes and extreme temperatures and these paw protectors will totally do the trick. Buy them here.


A tired and busy pet is a happy pet. A great way to keep your critter content is by giving them plenty of toys. We love this pack of 10 rope and plush toys. It’s sure to please even the pickiest of pooches. Find it here.


Travel is stressful, not just for pet owners, but for the animals themselves too. And sometimes pets need a little help calming down. We recommend CBD oil. Unlike Marijuana, it’s safe for pets and won’t get your animal high. However, it will help alleviate their anxiety while you travel. Get some CBD oil here.