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The Best Dog and Cat Memes

Dog and Cat Memes

Here at Michelson Found Animals, we like to talk about pets and the internet, because, well, we’re an internet site solely about pets. But we also talk about animals and the ‘net because pets simply make the World Wide Web a better place. Dog and cat memes are a part of that.

While comment sections and social media might be firestorms, cats and dogs bring love and peace to the digital realm. People don’t insult each other over whose pet is cuter. There’s no partisan war over whether or not a cat dressed as a shark and riding a Roomba is awesome or not. We think this collective love of pets is why meme generators and meme makers are chock full of animals. Here are our favorite cat and dog memes!

Grumpy Cat Memes

Grumpy Cat is a world-wide phenomenon, ranging from classic memes to official merchandise to television holiday specials. If there were one pet meme to rule them all, Grumpy Cat would be it. Whenever someone thinks of internet cats, generally Grumpy Cat is the first kitty that comes to mind.

Some fun facts: Grumpy Cat is female. Her real name isn’t Grumpy Cat but actually Tarder Sauce. She has a whopping 2.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million on Twitter!

Doge Memes

Doge memes come from the slang term for dog. They feature an incredulous-looking Shiba Inu raising one eyebrow. Surrounding the pup are exclamations and broken English phrases like “wow” and “so scare.” Honestly, we just love how cute the dog is, but the raised eyebrow makes these memes all the more great.

Business Cat Memes

There’s something truly irresistible and universal about poking fun at workplace culture. And of course everyone loves cats. Put these things together and you get the business cat memes. What’s not to love?

Diabeetus Cat Memes

We thought Wilford Brimley would always be the spokesperson for diabetes education in our hearts, that is, until diabeetus cat memes were born. Truly the cat looks shockingly similar to Brimley and even shares his iconic mustache.

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing Dog Memes

Nothing quite represents the human condition like a clueless-looking dog in front of a chemistry set or laptop. That pooch has no idea what they’re doing and honestly, do any of us have any idea what we’re doing? These memes allow us to step back and laugh at ourselves. They call to mind all the times we’ve been in wayyyy over our heads!