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Michelson Found Animals’ Spay and Neuter Program supports strategic spay and neuter initiatives across Los Angeles in efforts to increase accessibility and efficiency of life-saving efforts. Alongside the support of the Robert and Erika Brunson Fund, we will identify gaps for innovation in spay and neuter, and champion self-sustaining goals for incremental change in spay and neuter outcomes.

Spay & Neuter Resources

Grants: Apply for a spay and neuter grant through the Robert & Erika Brunson Fund

Are you a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization or rescue that seeks funding for your spay and neuter initiatives? Check out the Michelson Found Animals’ Robert and Erika Brunson Fund for information about our grants and how to apply.

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After being lost for over a year, Piper was reunited with her family within hours of her microchip being scanned by Arizona Small Dog Rescue in South Phoenix.