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Save a Shelter Pet

Small girl in blue dress holding orange & white cat in grass

Why a shelter pet is the answer when it comes to choosing your new BFF.

The time has come. After much deliberation, soul searching and kitten or puppy-proofing, you’ve decided you’re ready to add a four-legged forever friend to your life. You have a size in mind, done some research on breeds, and probably envisioned all the fun the two of you have ahead of you. In short, you’re pumped!

But, before you contact a breeder, we’ve got some great reasons why you should seriously consider adopting from an animal shelter.

Every shelter pet adoption saves a life

According to a National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters every year in the US. Unfortunately, some of these amazing dogs and cats are sitting in high-kill shelters with extremely uncertain futures waiting for someone like you to come in and take them home.

Even if these furry buddies are not at a high-risk shelter, many of them were rescued from a life on the streets or from a bad situation. These animals don’t deserve to spend the rest of their days in a shelter; they deserve a second chance at a happy life in a happy home. Trust us, they’ll thank you for saving them every single day.

An older shelter pet is ready to go!

Interested in skipping the puppy learning curve? Often times, many of the older dogs in a shelter are already house broken, leash trained and know a few basic commands. We’re also sure they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves and ready to learn what you have to teach them, too!

Likewise, older cats are usually past the non-stop rambunctious kitten phase and more content to just chill out with you once they get comfortable in your home. If a playful kitty is a priority, cats that are one to two years old are often overlooked in shelters but still as fun as ever. One extra benefit to adopting an older shelter cat: often times they’ve been raised with other animals in the house. This means they’re usually happy to join a multiple-pet household. Of course, this varies from cat to cat so be sure to consult shelter staff.

Shelters make it easy to find the perfect pup or kitty

Shelter staff spend a lot of time caring for the animals at their facilities. Between daily walks, baths and playtime sessions, the staff really get to know the personalities, abilities, and limitations of each shelter pet.

Staff use all of this information to help you pick out the shelter pet that will complement you perfectly. Like to run? The helpful staff will introduce you to excellent doggy jogging companions who are great on a leash and have energy to burn. Live in an apartment? Again, staff can direct you to smaller pups that prefer lounging around to non-stop activity. Love to cuddle? Staff know just the kitties who are major lap cats.

Adoption saves you money

Getting a pet from a breeder can be expensive! Pile on top of that the spay or neuter cost, vaccines, microchipping, etc. and you have a pretty big bill on your hand.

When you adopt from a shelter, all of those costs are included in the adoption fee and come way under what you’d pay a breeder.

Fun fact: Nearly 25% of shelter dogs are purebreds, meaning if you have a breed in mind, you have a pretty good chance of finding one at a shelter!

Adoption reduces overpopulation

With the spay and neuter regulations in place at shelters around the US, every adopted dog or cat means one less unwanted litter out on the streets. Choosing to rescue your new best friend also means you don’t support the unethical business of puppy mills. Every time a dog is adopted (and not purchased), we move one step closer to putting an end to mills forever.

So if the time has come for you, opt to adopt a shelter pet. Your perfect pal is probably waiting for you at a shelter right now!