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Rocky Kanaka Partners with Found Animals to Find Herschel a Home on “Dog’s Day Out”

Rocky Kanaka and Herschel on Dog's Day Out

Found Animal’s is ecstatic to announce that Rocky Kanaka of “Dog’s Day Out” chose our very own Herschel to be featured in his next show, which launches Tuesday, March 27 at 6 a.m.

Herschel is a 5-year-old German Shepherd mix. He’s big, brown and 100 pounds, so it’s no question how he earned the nickname Bear. But have no fear. He’s a gentle giant who loves giving humans affection. If anything, he’s a big teddy bear.

Rocky Kanaka, an Emmy-nominated television host, entrepreneur and animal-welfare advocate, uses his fame to better the lives of deserving dogs. In his Youtube series, Dog’s Day Out, Kanaka selects sweet-natured dogs who have a difficult time finding a furever home and gives them their “best day ever.”

Kanaka is going to treat Herschel to an amazing day full of love and surprises while broadcasting their adventures on Youtube. He also aims to soften the reputation of larger dogs, who are often looked over for their intimidating stature. Bigger dogs like Herschel also struggle to find homes in urban areas, such as Los Angeles, since many potential owners prefer an apartment-friendly smaller dog.

“I think the fact that he’s been tied up in a backyard for most of his life, five years of his life, I think we just have to get out, go explore everything, show him everything, and show him what it is to be a dog,” Kanaka said upon his first time meeting Herschel.

In Herschel’s case, his struggles stem from being neglected and isolated by his former owners. He was adopted before but ended up getting returned. His teeth are worn down from chewing on a chain for so long. He’s also not a fan of barriers or acclimated to everyday objects like vacuums.

Despite these setbacks, Herschel is a loving pup who deserves the attention he didn’t have. He’s affectionate and likes to give his humans lots of love. His energy would do well with an active owner or someone willing to leave him in daycare during the day. He’d excel in a home with a large yard and plenty of time for grooming, training and exercise.

Herschel is also a good learner! He is a great walker, loves playing with rope toys and he knows commands like “Sit” and “Paw.” We’re certain he will flourish in a loving family.

“I’m so glad too that Found Animals reached out to me about this guy because I think they’re right,” Kanaka said. “I think he is a great guy.”

You, your friends and family can watch Herschel on his Dog’s Day Out here. Dog’s Day Out is such a great success because it uses the power of community and social media to find homes for great dogs. Help us find Herschel a home by sharing his video on Facebook and Twitter!