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Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It?

Dog and cat under a blanket

This article is sponsored by Petplan. Petplan pet insurance offers comprehensive coverage in one simple plan. Other insurance providers require riders or charge extra for what Petplan covers.

Adopting a new pet is an experience like no other. They’re cute, cuddly and immediately part of the family. But the financial burden of pet ownership can be a real drag if your new furry friend develops some kind of medical issue.

Between testing, diagnosis and treatment, vet bills can get add up — sometimes into the thousands. When you consider this, pet insurance makes sense, especially if you have multiple pets.

If you’re new to pet insurance you probably have lots of questions, and rightfully so! It’s a relatively new concept and not every pet owner has it. Some of these questions include, how much does it cost? Is it worth it? How can I ensure I’m getting the most out of the plan I choose? Every pet and every family is unique, so here are a few reasons why quality insurance can benefit everyone!

Your Pets Are Protected

Despite regular physicals and wellness treatments, one out of three pets need unplanned veterinary attention every year.* And it’s not just old pets who need veterinary care. Pets under a year old are 2.5 times more likely to submit a claim when they unexpectedly get sick or hurt.** Insurance eases the financial burden of these unexpected health woes. Meanwhile, your pet gets the veterinary care they need without it costing you an arm and a leg. Illness or injury can strike at any time, but with Petplan pet insurance, you’re covered.

You Won’t Blow Your Budget

While veterinary medicine is crucial to keeping your pet happy and healthy, it can absolutely obliterate your budget. We know you’d spend whatever money necessary to keep your pet alive, but the reality is that vet bills can be a tremendous financial burden. Pet insurance allows you to devote your energy to getting your pet well instead of worrying about the cost. Petplan’s thorough coverage and reliable premiums protect both your budget and your four-legged loved one.

It’s a Responsible and Loving Act

A national survey by Packaged Facts found that 77% of cat owners and 79% of dog owners believe their pets to be part of the family. Despite this, only about 2% of pets are insured in the country.

Human health insurance is super important and so is pet insurance for all the same reasons. Instead of having to make medical decisions based on cost, you can simply choose the best possible course of treatment for your pet. Getting pet insurance is a loving act because it helps ensure the best quality care for your animal.

It Makes You a Better Pet Parent

Many pet insurance providers give their members plenty of great discounts and valuable information on being a pet owner. Petplan pet insurance provides infographics, blogs, articles on pet parenting and advice from veterinarians. Armed with these tools, you’ll be the best pet owner you can be!

The number one reason to purchase pet insurance is that you get the peace of mind that you can choose the best course of treatment, not the one that simply has the right price tag. If you’ve already vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered your animal, buying pet insurance is the next step to being a top-notch pet parent!

* according to Datamonitor
** according to Petplan claims data