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Personalize a Perfect Date With Your Pet

A Date With Your Pet

Dates can easily be a pain. Sometimes, you can’t agree on where to go, what to do or even what food to eat. However, there’s one type of date that is guaranteed to be a success, and it’s with your fuzzy friends.

Think about it: There’s no fuss nor pressure to impress. Whether you’re dressed to the nines or lounging in your PJs, your pet is going to admire you just the same.

Your local animal shelter is a great place to find that special someone. However, like any relationship, compatibility is key. Here’s a guide to help you find your perfect pet personality match (because let’s face it – adopting a pet has many similarities to dating).

In order to find your mate, it is important to find an animal whose personality complements yours. Just like humans, each pet is an individual. So by knowing what to look for, you can avoid unsuccessful doggy dates and kitty courtships.

Below are some general personality profiles of dogs and cats along with ideas for dates:


Do you lead a very active lifestyle? If so, a frisky and energetic dog might be the perfect match for you. Dogs that fall under this personality profile have lots of energy and would fit best with someone who enjoys and maintains an exercise routine.

Date Ideas: vacation with your pet, long runs on the beach, swimming


Do you frequently entertain friends at your house? An outgoing cat or dog may be the ideal pet for you. These pets are social and friendly. They like to be the life of the party. When your friends come over, expect your cat to be rubbing up against all of their legs or your playful pup to be giving out slobbery kisses.

Date Ideas: Host a game night, go to the dog park, join an agility team


While shy pets may take some time to warm up to you, they often become very attached and loyal to their owners. If you’re a nurturer, the timid pet will flourish under your care and affection.

Date Ideas: Cuddle sessions, reading a book while your cat or dog sits in your lap, watch every episode of Homeland together


You enjoy having a companion, but at the same time, you need your personal space and some alone time here and there. Independent pets are the same way. They can be comfortable being left alone occasionally and can find ways to entertain themselves.

Date Ideas: Sunday brunch with the newspaper, hiking, doing crafts


An older pet has life experience and has already matured to their full personality. Unlike adopting a puppy or a kitten, an older, more experienced pet knows what they want out of life, so you don’t have to worry about any dramatic personality changes. Like a fine red wine, age isn’t a bad thing.

Date Ideas: Picnic in the park, make a homemade meal together, leisurely walks

If you’re serious about becoming a pet owner, this relationship is probably going to last longer than most of your romantic relationships. It’s a lifetime commitment for the pet as well, so it’s okay to be picky. Don’t settle – wait for the right one.