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Modern Cat Products for Pets and Their Owners

Modern cat products

This article contains affiliate links. Found Animals receives a portion of the proceeds from every purchase made after clicking on the links. These profits go toward saving more homeless animals!

Modern cats and their owners deserve modern cat products. Here are some of our favorites!

Catit Flower Fountain

The Catit Flower Fountain keeps your kitty’s water cool and fresh-tasting. Most cats instinctively avoid still water sources so they’ll love this fountain. It comes in a variety of styles and heights as well. Check out this brand for a variety of cool products that are geared toward feline health and enrichment! Buy it here.

Vesper Cat Tree

Finally: Cat trees that aren’t ugly! These are awesome and fit with your home’s decor way better than traditional carpet-covered cat trees. Plus, cats love ‘em! Get one here.

ViviPet Elevated Feeder

There are other brands and styles of elevated feeders out there, but we own and love this one. The bowls are shallow and elevated to reduce whisker stress when your kitties eat. Find it here.

Pretty Litter

Both of these litters use color-changing technology for health alerts. Different colors indicate various health issues and only one bag is needed for one cat per month. Buy some here.

Luuup Litter Box

We had mixed feelings about this box when we first got it, but now we’re obsessed. There are lots of other sifting litter boxes out there, and we think this approach is great for easy cleaning and keeping litter fresh and clean for the cats. Get it here.

Yeoww Catnip

This stuff is amazing and lasts forever! These are our cats’ favorite toys by far. They’re not necessarily “modern,” but we think every cat owner should know about these. That’s how much we love them. Find them here.

Churu Treats

Our cats go crazy for these and we can’t imagine cat ownership without them now. They’re the newest cat treat craze! Get them here.

Kitty Kasas

These neat cat houses you connect to make little cat mansions. Plus, they’re weather-resistant so you can use them indoors or out. Buy them here.

Sleepy Pod

Sleepy Pod is both a pet bed and a car seat. After all, you wear a seatbelt, so wouldn’t you want your pet safe in your car, too? Sleepy Pod helps keep your kitty safe and in style when you’re on the go. Find it here.

Cat Backpacks

Cat backpacks are a great alternative to traditional carriers. These come in nine different colors and hold pets up to 8 lbs. Snag one here.

Cat Shelves

Cat shelves are a cool new cat furniture trend. Jackson Galaxy is a fan of these for people who want to catify their homes. They’re a subtle new way to make your home more cat-friendly, leave you more floor space than a giant cat tree and indulge the part of your cat that loves being up high. Buy some here.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Who likes vacuuming?! Certainly not us. And when you own cats (particularly of the long-haired variety!), unfortunately constant vacuuming is a must. The iRobot Roomba picks up small particles as well as large debris. Get one here.