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Michelson Found Animals Foundation Awards Historic $1 Million Grant to CAMP Clinics on World Spay Day

The grant will significantly bolster access to affordable pet care and spay/neuter services in Los Angeles’ historically excluded communities

Los Angeles, CA – This World Spay Day, Michelson Found Animals (MFA) proudly announces a transformative $1 million grant to Community Animal Medicine Project (CAMP) Clinics in South Los Angeles, Mission Hills, and San Pedro. This grant will significantly increase access to affordable pet care and spay/neuter services in historically excluded communities within Los Angeles while simultaneously bolstering the number of veterinarians trained in High-Quality, High-Volume Spay/Neuter (HQHVSN) surgeries.

“This collaboration isn’t just about funding, it’s about community and a shared vision. Together, we’re tackling some of the root causes of shelter intake: access to veterinary care and overpopulation. This grant will aid in the opening of a new community clinic, support spay/neuter programs, and train more vets in HQHVSN. We’re building a future where every animal has a chance to thrive, and we’re doing it by working with great partners like  CAMP,” said Brett Yates, CEO, Michelson Found Animals.

Since their launch in 2007, MFA has been an integral partner to CAMP Clinics, in which time CAMP has spayed and neutered over 300,000 dogs and cats. With this grant, these numbers will grow exponentially as veterinarians are trained in HQHVSN, helping alleviate the strain on the 78% of California shelters that are unable to consistently provide low-cost spay/neuter services and reduce the overpopulation crisis at Los Angeles city and county shelters.  

“This grant will make a profound impact on the lives of countless animals and families in tackling the crucial issues of veterinary access and pet overpopulation in Los Angeles,” said Dr. Gary K. Michelson, Founder and Co-Chair of Michelson Philanthropies. “By increasing the number of skilled veterinarians and providing affordable spay and neuter services, we’re not just helping pets, we’re strengthening the human-animal bond and building a more compassionate community for all. This collaboration is a testament to the power of partnership in making a lasting difference in the lives of animals and their families.”

The grant will be awarded from the Robert & Erika Brunson Fund (REBF), a fund stewarded by MFA to continue the important work and legacy left behind by Robert and Erika Brunson to address the shortage of spay and neuter services in Los Angeles and beyond. Erika Brunson was the founder of the organization Coalition for Pets and Public Safety. MFA is committed to continuing this critical work in their honor. The $1 million grant will be used to:

  • Expand access to affordable veterinary care: Fund a portion of the purchase of a new property in South Los Angeles, transforming it into a low-cost veterinary clinic and high-volume training center. This expansion will significantly increase the number of pets served annually by CAMP Clinics.
  • Increase spay/neuter surgeries: Support CAMP’s spay/neuter program, offering affordable surgeries to pet owners in historically excluded communities. This will help control pet overpopulation, reduce the number of animals entering shelters, and ultimately save lives.
  • Enhance veterinary training: Fund training programs for veterinarians in HQHVSN surgeries, a proven method for increasing access to affordable spay/neuter services while maintaining high standards of care.

“Our partnership with Michelson Found Animals has been invaluable in helping us extend access to veterinary care to pets in need and expanding our spay/neuter efforts,” says Zoey Knittel, CAMP Executive Director. “In January 2024, CAMP achieved an astounding milestone when we neutered our 300,000th pet. This moment represents not only a numerical achievement but also the profound impact MFA and REBF’s support has made on the well-being of our Los Angeles community. Each spayed or neutered cat and dog contributes to the prevention of shelter overpopulation, reduces animal suffering and homelessness, and ultimately improves the overall health and happiness of pets, their families, and our community as a whole.”


Michelson Found Animals Foundation is a leading animal welfare non-profit that believes people and pets are better together. Generously funded by Dr. Gary Michelson and Alya Michelson, Found Animals operates a range of programs, including community partnerships, catalytic grants, impact investments, and education and advocacy initiatives that share a common goal: to champion pets at every point they intersect with our society. Found Animals has helped more than 8 million pets since it was founded in 2005. Learn more at

Community Animal Medicine Project’s mission is to ensure veterinary services are affordable and accessible to all pets and their families in the Los Angeles area. CAMP provides affordable veterinary care to over 80,000 pets every year. Since 2007, CAMP has achieved the incredible milestone of 300,000 spayed and neutered cats and dogs, preventing millions of pets from being born into homelessness and helping to cut in half the number of pets euthanized in Los Angeles city shelters. For more information, please visit