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Meet Moggie. The Ultimate Health and Well-being Companion for Our Feline Friends

Contrary to the innovation and resources directed toward dog care in recent years, the cat space, while growing, has been heavily underserved. At the same time, we’ve seen the increasing need from cat parents looking for solutions to better understand their cat’s health and detect issues sooner. That’s why we were beyond excited when we met Moggie, a pioneering pet technology company focused on enhancing the lives of cats and their owners through state-of-the-art, AI-powered solutions.

Moggie has built the first cat-only health wearable that uses advanced machine learning technology to translate cat actions and behavior into simple health insights. This is important because a vast number of serious conditions (like arthritis, hyperthyroidism, cancer, diabetes, etc.) manifest in subtle behavioral changes but are usually difficult to notice. That’s why this innovative approach empowers cat owners to address health concerns early on, ensuring their cat’s well-being.

We believe that the ability to extract insights into cats’ behavior isn’t just a game-changer for pet parents; it’s a breakthrough that empowers veterinarians and the entire health ecosystem with the knowledge and data to take action, consequently improving the well-being and longevity of cats globally.

But they don’t stop there. Beyond the data, Moggie is also enriching the human and pet relationship through natural language, as cat owners receive personalized messages from their cats through the chat feature based on daily activities and chosen “cattitude,” a unique personality type.

We met Moggie last year after investing in them through our Leap Venture Studio program, and we have been following their journey while continuing to work together to advance this cause. We’re also not the only ones thrilled about this innovation in feline health. Recently launching with pre-orders, it’s been exciting to see the cat parents worldwide coming together with a shared passion for improving the welfare of all felines, with over 500 devices sold in 30 days.

Inspired by a cause they passionately believe in, they’re on a mission to accelerate the pet care

movement and create the largest global live repository of cat behavior to positively impact the lives of cats everywhere. We encourage you to join their giant leap for catkind and reserve your cat’s smart wearable now
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