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Meet Companion Your Dog’s Always-Available Playmate for a Happier, Healthier Home-Life

At Michelson Found Animals we believe innovation is driving pet care forward. That’s why we met the Companion team back in 2020. At the time, they were building something wildly different – a “moonshot” that had the potential to massively deep end and widen what we can understand from our dogs. That initial meeting led to many more in which we became believers in the technology and its destiny to dramatically change the quality of life of our dogs and pet care broadly. We weren’t alone in these beliefs and ended up investing – repeatedly – alongside leaders in the industry, venture capital, and partner animal centers. 

Given that, we couldn’t be more proud to introduce our partners and their product. Companion’s technology promises to both change the quality of life of our loved ones at home and, as it does this, radically change what we can understand about our dog’s health, well-being, and communications. 

At their headquarters at the San Francisco SPCA, Companion has built a technology that can use computer vision and positive reinforcement to autonomously interact with our dogs at home. To have fun, to engage when our dogs are lonely, and to practice all of the basic obedience skills that help build and support the human-animal bond. Those hours and hours of daily activity allow Companion also to capture all the nuances of how your dog moves and responds over time – catching the most subtle changes in posture, behavior, and weight, the Companion can help us “read” the concealed signals of pain (e.g., osteoarthritis). 

We are already investors and supporters of the team and mission of Companion. We think you would be proud of their mission as well. As part of the Michelson community, we encourage you to reserve your Companion as soon as possible.  At this time, the next available ship date is May 2024. To find out more, visit