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Love Your Pet Day: Why People Love Their Pets

Love Your Pet Day

In honor of Love Your Pet Day, we asked our Facebook followers why they adore their pets. We loved hearing people’s stories (in fact, you should follow us by clicking here!). Here are some of our favorite answers and awfully cute photos to boot!

Zoe – she’s a rescue and she has the best personality of any animal we’ve ever had. Here she is lounging. We love her for everything she is!!!!!” -Kathy

Black and brown dog sitting on couch with legs crossed

“I love them for how they love each other and are always together. True mother/daughter love.” -Denise

Two tan Labrador Retrievers laying on the floor

“Met Pebbles in 2014. I fought breast cancer and Pebbles was by my side, fighting it with me. We beat it together. Warrior and warrior dog! Love her to pieces.” -Kimberly

Small white dog with blue hair bow

This is Winter and I love the fact that when I get home, she flies out of wherever she is hiding from to greet me. She runs to my feet and lies on her back so I can rub her belly. Once I sit down, she will sit right next to me.” -Diana

Sleeping brown, black & white cat

“Remi is a gift that brings our family amazing love that we treasure. We were all rescued when she joined our family.” -Diane

Brown-eyed shaggy brown dog with tongue out

“This is my little Mimi – she’s so sweet. I call her sweet eyes and everytime we come home, she can’t wait to greet all of us in the most loving way. In this picture, she climbed on top of the table all by herself and ate all the crackers. But how can you get mad at a face like that? Never!” -Gina

Small brown dog on top of table

“My Sunny and Freddy! They are my little soulmates! I just love coming home to my boys. It’s a great way to end the day with these little angels!” -Flora

Two orange cats laying on bed

“I adore my fur-baby!! We have such a strong bond. Adopting him from Adopt & Shop was one of the best days for me and my son!” -Iesha

Black cat wearing 'love conquers all' sign

“I love her because she shows her love unconditionally. She follows me wherever I go and has so much energy. Plus she lets me dress her!” -Shoshana

Red-haired woman holding dog with matching shirts

“Samantha is my medical alert and service dog.” -Renee

Black and white Pit Bull wearing studded harness

“Whoopie and Minxie – coming home to them every day.” -Lisa

Black dog wearing green Mardi Gras mask

“This is Mollee. She’s the sweetest, spunkiest, energetic, loving little girl. Life is much better with a sweet angelic soul in your life.” -Corriena

Small tan dog laying on pink blanket

“My two beautiful fur boys.” – Lupita

Small white dog and black dog on couch

“My angel, Quidee Baby.” -Kathy

White & black cat laying on bed with pink sheets

“My dog, Ruby – she’s my baby and I love the way she looked at me when I gave her a fake pizza.” -George

Orange Chihuahua standing next to plush toy pizza slice

“Because they have a love/hate relationship and humor us daily!” -Sherry

Black & white cat with recovery collar next to gray cat

“I love Sirius for loving us with everything he has… he’s delicious!” -Diana

Sphynx cat sitting on red couch

“I love Coco because she brings my family so much love, joy and happiness. Unconditional love is what she gives my family – so many laughs and happy times with my cuddly little lovey!” -Gina

Tan dog laying down wearing red sweater
Why do you love your cats and dogs? Make sure to like our Facebook page and leave a comment letting us know why your pets are one of a kind!