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Join Found Animals’ Initiative to Bring Empathy to Pets & Homelessness


Michelson Found Animals believes that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, has the right to the joy of having a companion animal. We also believe everyone has the right to be seen and treated as an equal in our society. 

Bringing those beliefs to light in 2019, Michelson Found Animals partnered with several powerful organizations to positively impact Pets & Homelessness in Los Angeles:

  • We committed funding to help make all A Bridge Home locations in Los Angeles pet-friendly.
  • We collaborated with The Giving Spirit to pack Companion Animal Kits for the second year running.
    • These Companion Animal Kits will be distributed as part of TGS’s winter outreach program, as well as carried by Los Angeles animal control officers and the City’s Unified Homeless Response Center outreach team.
  • We organized a mobile Spay Neuter Unit with free veterinary and wellness services for veterans’ companion animals to the West Los Angeles VA Stand Down on 10/25, and distributed additional Pet Survival Kits to nearly 100 veterans.
  • We provide grant funding for critical animal care services and resources to several organizations that support unhoused individuals and low-income families, such as Inner City Law Center, HEART LA, Downtown Dog Rescue, Home Dog LA, and The Rescue Train

Now we’re asking our friends to join us in helping our community. This holiday season, Michelson Found Animals launches our Better Neighbor Project. 

Better Neighbor Project brings empathy to the issue of homelessness in America through storytelling that highlights and humanizes the issues this community faces today. 

Our storytelling will include personal interviews with some of the many people experiencing homelessness, featuring their powerful stories and featuring the impact pets have had on their journey. We will also showcase MFA’s many partners and the important challenges they face to  lift up the homeless community and help them secure stability and permanent solutions for themselves and their pets.

We believe that pets and their people, regardless of their economic power, have the same rights as everyone else. We see an opportunity for all of us to be Better Neighbors this holiday season, and invite you to join us. 

Watch and Share our Better Neighbor Stories.