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How to Pick Pet-Friendly Furniture

pet-friendly furniture

We love our pets. That much is true. What we don’t love so much is what they do to our furniture. A lot of us pet owners end up with fur-covered sofas, tables and chairs with pilling and claw and chew marks. So how can you avoid all that damage? Here’s how to pick pet-friendly furniture!


When it comes to pet-friendly furniture fabric, you want to look for materials that are smooth and shiny. These fabrics are less likely to attract fur. Polyurethane, polyester, leather, denim and silk are all great options for keeping your furniture hair-free.

You also want fabric that won’t get scratched up. If you have a cat or dog with some serious claws (keep them trimmed, of course!), stick to durable and tough materials, like leather and faux leather. If fabric is more your speed, look for textiles that have a tight weave. This pet-friendly furniture fabric is harder for your cat or dog to catch a nail on. Distressed leathers are great because they are less likely to show wear and tear.

Once you’ve chosen a pet-friendly furniture fabric, you want to make sure it’s easy to clean. Even the tidiest pets sometimes track in dirt, throw up or have a bathroom accident. Look for furniture pieces that are labeled as “stain-resistant” or having “high performance” fabric. Materials like leather, faux leather, wool and microfiber are all on the easier side to clean.


Picking the color of your furniture is pretty straight forward. In general you want to stay away from white and cream-colored furniture since it looks dirty faster. Unless you have the cleanest dog in the world and are prepared to clean your furniture constantly, we don’t advise getting an ivory couch. If you simply must get white furniture, we recommend investing in a slip cover or some darker throw blankets. Many slip covers come in high-quality fabrics and a variety of fun colors and patterns.

So which colors are best? Opt for darker colors. It doesn’t have to be black. Brown, grey and green tend to be ideal for pet-friendly furniture.


For some pets, a furniture leg looks like the perfect chewing or scratching post. And furniture with wooden legs is just begging to get clawed or gnawed. The perfect solution to this problem is getting furniture with metal legs. These legs are far less enticing and much harder to damage.


When shopping for rugs, look for low piles. Pets are generally less inclined to scratch these surfaces and they’re usually easier to keep fur-free. As we already stated with furniture fabrics, look at the weave of the material when you’re out shopping. You want to choose a tighter weave. Pets are less likely to catch a claw on these fabrics.

A Note About Grooming

Even if you choose the very best pet-friendly furniture, claw marks and stains sometimes happen. The best way to prevent these snafus is to regularly groom your pet. Keep their nails trimmed and their fur clean and brushed. And be sure to wipe down their paws if they’ve walked through dirt or mud.