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How to Find the Best Dog DNA Test for Your Pooch

Dog DNA Tests

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You might have heard about dog DNA tests. How do they work? What do they test for? And with several tests on the market, you might be wondering which one you should get. We got the scoop on two of the best dog DNA tests on the market, Embark and Wisdom Panel, so you can choose which one is best for you and your pooch.

The two dog DNA tests scan your pup’s genetics for the following:


  • 200,000 genetic markers
  • Over 250 breeds
  • Over 160 health conditions
  • Traits
  • Relatives

Wisdom Panel

  • Over 1,800 genetic markers
  • Over 350 breeds
  • Over 150 health conditions
  • Traits

As you can see, Embark tests for more genetic markers and health conditions while Wisdom Panel tests for more unique dog breeds. Embark also searches their database for any dogs who might be related to your pup. You might end up finding your dog’s long-lost cousin or uncle!

Four of our employees took dog DNA tests from Embark and Wisdom Panel. Here’s what they thought of their results:

Which company did you get your dog DNA test from? Embark or Wisdom Panel?

Sam: Wisdom Panel

Victoria: Wisdom Panel

Emilee: Embark

Katy: Embark

What were your dog’s results?

Sam: 62.5% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12.5% Maltese, 12.5% Neapolitan Mastiff, 12.5% German Shepard

Victoria: 87.5% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12.5% Boxer

Emilee: 37.1% German Shepherd, 33% Boxer, 20.1% Golden Retriever, 9.8% Labrador Retriever

Katy: 34.1% Poodle, 32.3% Chihuahua, 10.2% Bichon Frise, 9.4% Pekingese, 8.3% Supermutt (Miniature Pinscher and German Shepherd)

Were you surprised by the results? What surprised you?

Sam: Yes and no. We assumed she had some Am Staff in her, but would have sworn on her adorable face that she had some Blue Heeler or Pointer in her because of her coloring.

Victoria: Yes, I was surprised! I didn’t expect to see Boxer, and I also did not expect his Staffy to be that high of a percentage.

Emilee: I WAS SHOCKED! When we first got Dennis, everyone asked if he was Pit Bull, which we believed would be the case. The fact that his breed has 0% Pit Bull and very low Labrador Retriever was very shocking. Now that I know his results, I can see a lot of German Shepherd (snout, eyes, protectiveness) and Boxer (sensitive stomach, brownish coloring in the sunlight. What a unique little mutt!

Katy: Yes, I was surprised. We knew she would be part Chihuahua, but we had no idea she was mostly Poodle (or any of the other breeds). We thought she had some kind of Terrier in her.

What did you like about the test? Did you find it informative?

Sam: It was super easy to use and send out.

Victoria: The test itself was pretty straightforward and Dill didn’t seem to mind it. I definitely found the test and results informative.

Emilee: It was easy to use and I enjoyed getting updates on what step in the process we were at. Also, we continue to get updates on what dogs have been added to the system that are close to Dennis’ breed to potentially match him to other pups from his litter!

Katy: I like that the test was easy to administer and that I was updated during every step of the process. It was easy to understand the results and they even made it fun with options to guess what breed she is before viewing the results. They also included breed-specific information (e.g., character traits) which helped us to better understand some of her charming quirks. I also appreciated that they tested for more than 200 different diseases it put my mind at ease to know that she wasn’t at risk for those.

What would you change about the test?

Sam: It took a number of weeks to get the results. I also would have liked more information on her that Embark provides but Wisdom Panel does not.

Victoria: The results took forever to receive and there weren’t as many status updates as I would have liked. I had to keep checking in versus Wisdom Panel informing me.

Emilee: Honestly, Embark was a great service. I enjoy the ease of use and enjoy getting updates occasionally from the company to know the results can become more accurate as more samples are tested.

Katy: I can’t think of anything it was really user-friendly and didn’t take as long as I had thought it would to get the results. I also didn’t have to go find the information; they emailed it to me.

Would you recommend the test to others?

Sam: From everything I have heard, Embark provides more information than Wisdom Panel, so if someone wants a lot of detail on their pup I recommend going with Embark. If you really just want to know their breed(s) Wisdom Panel does the job. Note: Wisdom Panel does test for more dog breeds than Embark!

Victoria: Yes I would! Aside from the waiting period, it is a pretty easy test to use and the results are straightforward.

Emilee: Absolutely, it’s a fun way to learn more about your pet and better understand future health issues that may arise as they age.

Katy: Yes! It was easy and informative. I have even found myself excited to share what she is when people ask. I no longer have to guess.