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Dr. Gary K. Michelson Praises City of Los Angeles’s Investment in LA Animal Services to Address Animal Shelter Overcrowding Crisis

$4.1 Million for Los Angeles Animal Services will Save Taxpayer Dollars and Animal Lives

LOS ANGELES (June 5, 2024)—In a major victory for animal wellbeing in Los Angeles, the 2024-2025 city budget allocates an additional $4.1 million to Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS), thanks to support from Budget Committee Chair Councilmember Bob Blumenfield and the Los Angeles City Council, approved by Mayor Karen Bass today. 

Local municipal shelters are reeling from record numbers of unwanted pets. Vital funding increases in this year’s budget include $1.7 million allocated to the LAAS spay and neuter voucher program via the Animal Sterilization Trust Fund and a $900,000 increase for the Citywide Cat Program, which helps provide free and low-cost Trap-Neuter-Return services for feral or community cats.

“We salute Mayor Bass, Councilmember Blumenfield, and members of the City Council for their bold and visionary leadership to tackle this priority issue for Angelenos,” said Dr. Gary K. Michelson, founder and co-chair, Michelson Found Animals Foundation. “This funding is essential to solving our animal shelter overcrowding crisis at its root. We support these efforts to raise the spay and neuter voucher amount to a sustainable rate which will encourage more private veterinarians to partner with the city to ease the backlog of procedures for shelter pets, reduce shelter intake from unwanted litters, and improve the lives of pets in our communities with increased access to vet care. Ultimately, this investment will produce a windfall of savings in both taxpayer dollars and animal lives.”

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