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How to Choose the Right Cat for You

Choose the Right Cat

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If you’re in the market for a new feline BFF, you’re in luck as there is never a shortage of adorable cats and kittens available for adoption. So, since you can literally have the pick of any litter, how do you choose the right cat?

Well, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a feline who may have one personality at six months and a completely different one at six years, a kitten is for you! However, we love adopting cats because their personalities are fully formed and more or less set. Therefore, it’s easier to choose the right cat that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

You Are Active

So you want a cat but you also love the following things: traveling, long Sunday brunches, hanging out with friends and otherwise living life to the fullest. We get it. You’re a person on the go! Good news: As long as you’re home a fair amount of time, and have a few hours a day to devote to a pet, you can still have a cat. (Cats are not houseplants, after all.) As a jetsetter, may we suggest not one but two cats? A bonded pair of adult cats would be an excellent choice for your lifestyle. They’ll keep each other company, won’t need a ton of human attention and as adult cats, should (mostly) stay out of trouble.


You like cats but don’t necessarily need one to give you attention because you’re a confident person who seeks affirmation from your friends, family and job. In fact, you prefer observing cats from a distance because you find them intriguing. Perhaps you also like a challenge. If we’ve described you, may we suggest a cat with a ton of aggression or other issues?

Seriously though, sometimes cats develop “quirks” from being at a shelter for too long and just need the right environment to chill out. If unconditional love is something you’re not seeking from a pet, see if your local shelter has any of these special-case cats on hand. Who knows? Maybe the two of you will even develop an affinity for each other.

You Are Needy

Nothing pleases you more than a furry warm body draped across your neck as you sleep. You hate working on the computer solo and instead prefer 12 pounds of love sitting on your hands and keyboard as you type. You like to be followed from room to room and think it’s quaint when little paws slide under the door as you sit on the toilet. You love a cat’s attention, which is great, because you’re certain to find exactly this type of cat at a shelter near you! You know you’ve found your cat soulmate when he or she jumps on your lap without provocation and howls at you when you put him or her down. Not sure if the cat is lovable enough? Try the brush test. Brush the cat for 2-3 minutes and see if he or she lets you leave after that. If not, you’ve found your match!

You Like to Be Rewarded

If all you need in life is a “thank you” to feel 100% complete, there’s a cat for you and that cat is the hunter. This cat will reward your decision to adopt them by bringing you mice, birds, moths or whatever they happen to trap and kill. Sometimes they’ll drop the carcass (or a piece of it) on your doorstep, sometimes on your pillow… it’s often unpredictable. If you have a problem with vermin and love when someone shows you their appreciation, ask your local shelter if they have any great mousers. They do not disappoint!

Adopting a cat based on your lifestyle and personality is the practical way to go about adding a new member to your family, but anyone who’s ever fallen in love with a pet knows that’s not always possible. You lock eyes with a cat who couldn’t care less that you exist and you just have to have them.