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Helping Unhoused People and Their Pets

Get Involved with Helping Unhoused People and Their Pets in Your Community

If you’re familiar with our Better Neighbor Project, you know that Michelson Found Animals believes that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, has the right to the joy of having a companion animal. We work with other organizations in Los Angeles, like The Giving Spirit, to ensure that pets and people stay together and are provided for.  

This year, we encourage our readership to help unhoused pets and the people who love them in their own communities. This can be as simple as donating unused blankets or the toy you thought your dog was going to love but hasn’t yet touched. Every little bit helps a person and their pet in need. Unsure how to get involved? We have five ways you can help out! 

Donate Unused Items

As we already mentioned, donating items is a huge help to any organization or person in need. Before you toss those worn pet beds, unused puppy pads or outgrown doggie sweaters, swing by your local homeless shelter or mission. They might need some of these items or know of an organization that does. You’re helping pets and getting a headstart on spring cleaning, so it’s a win-win. 


Nonprofits always need extra hands, so why not raise yours? Make a few calls to organizations near you to see where you can help out. There’s always something to be done, from community outreach, to answering phones, to assembling kits for those in need. You’d probably be surprised to learn that skills you have will come in handy in so many ways. Whiz at excel? Someone at a nonprofit probably needs you! 

Buy Extra

Pet parents know that their furry family members never stop eating, so if you can afford it, pick up some extra food on your next trip to the store, then donate it. An extra 10 cans of cat food or bag of dog food may not seem like a lot to offer an organization trying to feed an army of unhoused animals, but trust us, it makes a difference! While you may never meet them, the person on the receiving end will be grateful and relieved their pet will be fed for another day. 

Sponsor Items or Make a Cash Donation

The Giving Spirit assembles kits that are passed out to the community and their pets. You can sponsor items in the kits which goes directly to a person and pet in need. Cash donations are also accepted and appreciated by all nonprofits, and again, the old adage rings true: A little goes a long way! 

Don’t Judge 

The issue of homelessness triggers a lot of strong feelings in people, and not all of them are empathy or sympathy. As cities struggle to address the issue at higher levels, the best thing we can do as citizens is to offer support and not to judge. Not only does our organization believe that owning a pet is a right and not a privilege, we also believe everyone has the right to be seen and treated as an equal in our society. We encourage you to do what you can for community members who need a little extra help.