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How You Can Help Animals Affected by the Southern and Northern California Fires

How You Can Help Animals Affected by the Southern and Northern California Fires

While firefighters battle the Southern and Northern California fires, animal shelters are working endlessly to care for pets displaced by the fires. It’s easy to feel like there’s not much you can do, particularly if you don’t live in California. However, there are steps you can take to change the lives of pets affected by the fires right now!

Make a Donation

The fastest way you can make a difference is by making a donation to an organization like The Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation. It doesn’t require any time commitment and any amount is greatly appreciated. 

We also encourage you to donate supplies to your nearest animal shelter or rescue. Call or stop by the shelter and ask how you can help. Their team will let you know what type of bedding, food, toys or other supplies they need most.

Adopt an Animal

Adopting a cat or dog is another way to make an impact. Many animals have been displaced by these fires and are in need of a home. And by adopting one animal, you make room at a shelter for another life to be saved.  Use our adoptable pet finder tool to find your new best friend!

Foster a Pet

Can’t make the long-term commitment of adoption? Try being a foster parent! Dog and cat fostering is a great way to save a life, even if you can’t provide a permanent home for an animal. Shelters need fosters for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies, so no matter which type of animal or age strikes your fancy, there’s a foster opportunity for you. Fostering is an unforgettable experience, from hiking with a senior dog to bottle-feeding a newborn baby kitten. You can apply to foster here.

Volunteer at a Shelter or Rescue

Don’t have the time to adopt or foster an animal? Work a shift as a volunteer! Shelters and rescues all across the nation can use the help of people like you to run smoothly. Duties range from paperwork to walking dogs to changing litter boxes to cuddling puppies. Click here to learn more!

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