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Gift Guide: Tech for Pet People

A chihuahua puts its front paws on a laptop computer

This article contains affiliate links. Found Animals receives a portion of the proceeds from every purchase made after clicking on the links. These profits go toward saving more homeless animals!

Pets and tech go together like… well… like pets and tech – which is to say they frequently don’t go together at all. Anyone with a dog and a vacuum can tell you electronics and animals don’t really mix well. But this doesn’t have to be the case! As more and more households include kids of the four-legged variety, inventors have come up with some mighty awesome tech for pet people. These gifts are great for techies looking to take pet ownership to the next level. Sure you can always just turn on Animal Planet to keep your pets entertained, but these gifts are wayyyy cooler!

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

We’ve said it before: A microchip doesn’t have GPS. Repeat: A microchip does not have GPS. But the Whistle 3 does! Keep tabs on your roaming pet with this sweet little device. Shop for it here.

Gray GPS pet tracker


Pet Grooming Glove

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge gift that isn’t too extravagant, the Pet Grooming Glove by Smarter Not Harder is the perfect choice. This gift is less expensive than the Furminator and is easier on arthritic hands and wrists. It’s also easier on pets who don’t like being groomed. Your dog or cat will just feel like they’re getting extra cuddles. The Pet Grooming Glove can be used on dry or wet fur too! Shop for it here.

Black rubber pet grooming gloves

WonderWoof BowTie Activity Monitor

The WonderWoof BowTie is basically a FitBit for your dog – plus it’s shaped like a bowtie and comes in black, grey, orange, pink and teal. So come for the terrific tech and stay for the cute design. Buy it here.

Black and brown dog crouching on kitchen floor

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Let’s turn this gift guide up a notch. The Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is seriously awesome. This gadget combines a photo camera, 7200 HD video camera, 2-way audio microphone, treat dispenser and laser toy into one seriously awesome gift. Get this camera for someone you like. Or yourself. You like yourself, don’t you? Snag it here.

Pawbo pet camera next to smartphone


GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Is filming on the go more your speed? Pair your GoPro camera with this nifty dog harness. A dog’s-eye view is priceless! Buy it here.

Yellow dog pulling on rope toy outside

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

Going out for the evening and will be missing feeding time? No need to ask a friend or roommate to feed your pet. The PetSafe Smart Feed will do the job for you. You can program customizable portion sizes and feeding times. Shop for it here.

Black automatic pet feeder next to smartphone

Dyson Groom Brush + Extension Hose

The fight against shedding seems endless, doesn’t it? And you just can’t win. White fur shows up on dark clothing and furniture and any other color fur pops on white fabric. The Dyson Groom Brush + Extension Hose finally evens the score between you and nonstop shedding. Find it here.

Gray dog grooming vacuum and white gloves

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