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How to Get a Pet Tattoo You Won’t Regret

Pet Tattoo

Ever thought of getting a pet tattoo? Here’s how to get one that you won’t hate in 10 years!

Do Your Research

Really take the time to find the right tattoo artist. Google and Yelp are your friend. You want to find a studio that’s sterile and also has a terrific body of work. When it comes to finding a specific artist, check out their portfolio. Look for a professional who specializes in the style of pet tattoo you want. Another good tip is to ask for recommendations from friends. Got a buddy who has a great tattoo? Ask them who did their ink

Plan Ahead

If you want to go with a mass-produced design, be our guest. However, we are of the philosophy that pet tattoos are personal. This is your tattoo and it should be just as unique as you are and your pet! Commission artwork from an artist or have the tattoo artist design something special for you.

Once you have a design or inspiration in mind, schedule a consultation with a tattoo artist. Feel free to bring pet tattoo ideas and inspiration images to your consultation appointment, whether that be pawprints, pet photos or pictures of other tattoos that you like.

Follow your vision, but maintain a little bit of flexibility. Unless you are a decent artist, chances are that your tattoo artist may have some ideas that will take your tattoo from “meh” to “wow!” We recommend listening closely to your tattoo artist’s ideas. They’ll have valuable input regarding design, size and placement. So stick to your guns about what you want on your body, but stay open-minded when they offer suggestions.

Lastly, schedule your actual ink date. Choose a time when you know you won’t be in the sun or going swimming anytime soon. Good aftercare is crucial!


Getting a tattoo is not the time to be frugal. We’ve seen cheap tattoos inked in somebody’s kitchen during a rager, and trust us, they ain’t pretty. When it comes to tattoos, you really get what you pay for. A good tattoo will look good, after all you aren’t just paying to get inked — you’re also paying for art. So don’t pinch pennies. This is going on your body. Forever. And laser removal is painful, time-consuming and expensive.

Follow Aftercare Instructions

You can’t just get a tattoo and then run a muddy obstacle course or jump in a pool. You’ll likely cover your tattoo for at least a few hours right off the bat. Then follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions. It’s crucial that your tattoo heals well. This step keeps your tat from getting infected and preserves the quality of your ink. Keep it clean and NO PICKING! And after it heals, keep it out of the sun to prevent fading. Sunscreen is a must!