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Do’s and Don’ts: Feeding Your Pet at a BBQ

Feeding Your Pet at a BBQ

Who doesn’t enjoy a good summer BBQ? We love the opportunity for gathering with friends and enjoying some good grub. And luckily your pet can join in on the fun. That’s right, dogs and cats can also chow down at a BBQ. You just need to make sure that they enjoy pet-safe foods and not anything that could hurt their stomachs. Read on to learn what pets can and can’t eat at a BBQ!

Don’t: Chocolate

This one should be obvious. By now you probably know that chocolate is harmful to pets. And actually, so are other caffeinated foods such as tea and coffee. Please don’t ever feed your pets chocolate, even if it’s just a small bit.

Do: Lean Hamburger

Lean protein is a-okay for pets! When it comes to non-fatty cuts of meat, pretty much anything goes. Feel free to feed your dog or cat bits of lean chicken, fish, pork or beef. These cuts should be low in fat, free of sauces and bone-free.

Don’t: Bones

We know feeding your dog bones is ingrained in our culture, but it’s a common misconception that this is safe for animals. Giving your pet leftover bones, not ones specially made for animals, is very dangerous. Bones, particularly cooked ones, are prone to splinter and harm your pet’s internal organs.

Do: Most Fruits

Most fruits, including blueberries, watermelon, peaches and strawberries, are good for your pets. Animals love their sweet taste and they’re packed with lots of beneficial micronutrients!

Don’t: Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins are toxic to animals! Just like chocolate, these foods could seriously harm your pet!

Do: Most Vegetables

Feel free to pig out on veggies with your pet. They’re low-calorie and chock full of nutrients.

Don’t: Artificial Sweeteners

Make sure your pets don’t consume any desserts that contain artificial sweeteners. Large amounts of regular sugar aren’t good for them either.

Do: Cheese

Yep, pets can eat cheese. Just make sure they only have a small portion. Dairy and fat can upset a pet’s stomach, so cheese should just be a special treat and not a staple.

Don’t: Hotdogs and Fatty Burgers

Lots of fat and sodium can upset delicate pet tummies, so keep them at a minimum. Just a bite of these fatty foods is all your pets should eat at a BBQ.

Do: Chicken Breast

Just like lean hamburger, chicken breast is a yummy protein that’s low in fat. Go ahead and enjoy this treat with your dog or cat!

Don’t: Alliums (aka Onions)

Onions and other alliums, such as leeks, scallions and garlic, are harmful to pets and need to be kept out of their reach. Make sure they also can’t access salads or other dishes that contain onions.

Do: Frozen Treats

A hot day is a great time to let your pet enjoy frozen treats. You can buy many yummy varieties. Try freezing cubes of low-sodium broth for your pooch. We like using a star-shaped ice cube tray for extra holiday flair.

Thanks for reading and go have fun at your BBQ!