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DIY Dog Beds and Other Pet Crafts

DIY Dog Beds and Pet Crafts

We love a good DIY project. And we love it even more when we’re making things for our furry best friend. Whether they’re DIY dog beds or a hook for their leash, crafts are a fun way to express yourself and create something useful. Here are some of our favorite pet crafts!

DIY Dog Beds and Cat Beds

There are several objects you can repurpose to make a cute and cozy dog or cat bed.

  • Little red wagon. Don’t throw out that radio flyer that you never use anymore. Instead turn it into a dog bed! Simply remove the wheels and axles so the wagon doesn’t roll away. Then cover a pillow insert with your favorite pet-friendly fabric. We recommend material that’s machine-washable. Attach the pillow inside the wagon and place adhesive furniture pads on the bottom to keep your floors from scratching.
  • Vintage suitcase. It’s easy to turn an old suitcase into a plush hideout for your cat or dog. Pad the inside of the suitcase with foam covered in the fabric of your choice. You can even use the luggage pockets to store your pet’s favorite toys!
  • Television console. Pull off a TV console’s doors and remove and upper shelving. Feel free to paint it a fun color. Then line the bottom with a pillow and voila: You have your own DIY pet nook.

Tee Shirt Rope Toy

Use an old tee shirt to make a tug-of-war toy for your pooch!

  1. Cut 2-3” slits along the bottom hem of an old tee shirt.
  2. Rip along the slits to create multiple strips of fabric.
  3. Bundle the strips together and knot them at one end.
  4. Divide the strips into three groups and braid the bundle.
  5. Tie a knot at the other end of the strips.

DIY Cat Wand

This DIY cat wand is super simple to make. All you need are ribbons and a wooden dowel. Cut long strips of ribbon and glue the ends to the dowel.