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Creating Room for Your Dog

It’s a growing trend and we love it – dogs are becoming more omnipresent in our lives. They travel with us on planes, sit next to us at work, and are even allowed in some restaurants. Patio seating, usually!

With our dogs being true members of the family, it’s important we consider their special needs and make room for them in our home. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with furniture covered in dog hair or a bunch of shoes adorned with teeth marks.

Experienced pet parents will tell you that you can’t expect your home to look and function like it did before you adopted. It’s a little like having a child in the home in that way – you’ll have to adapt your environment and can’t expect your space to be pristine like it used to!

Your dog will benefit enormously from his or her private space within the home. Your dog’s space should offer comfort, safety, and mental stimulation. Most importantly, dog room décor should also allow for downtime, where your furry best friend can relax.

A Space of His or Her Own

A dog’s safe space or zone is a special area where your dog can relax, self-soothe, and sleep. It’s almost an extended crate area, but because he’s no longer a puppy, he’s free to come and go as he pleases. In addition, any spare space in your home or apartment that’s safe can be made into a doggy zone. In fact, most dogs prefer smaller spaces and nooks.

Limiting your dog’s access to the entire home when you’re out running errands can help with chewing, potty mishaps, and unwanted behavior, most especially if your furry best friend is still being house trained.

Additionally, a designated dog ‘space’ can be in a corner of a room with a dog bed, crate, pillow blanket, and water bowl. This space needs to be safe and dog-proofed, most especially if you have a puppy. Setting up a dog zone is really easy, and is affordable for everyone. Even if you live with a large dog breed in a small space, although challenging, it’s easily done if you exercise your dog regularly. A tired dog is a content dog, and regular exercise will help him relax when he’s indoors.

A Good Dog Bed

A comfortable dog bed with a blanket and pillow should be part of your dog space or dog room. Dogs spend 50% of their time sleeping, so having a good dog bed with a blanket is important. Orthopedic dog beds offer optimal musculoskeletal support and comfort to dogs with joint pain, post-operative pain, and also offers all active dogs a good night’s rest. A supportive dog bed will make all the difference in keeping your furry best friend comfortable throughout the day.

A good dog bed will offer the following benefits:

  • Orthopedic support
  • Joint and mobility support
  • Allows space to relax and curl up

Non-Toxic Dog Toys Are Important for Mental Stimulation

As you can see, many things contribute to a comfortable dog space. And over time, your dog will grow into a confident pet that relishes his dog space. Simply put, if you have a large crate you can throw a blanket over it to make it feel more secure and add a few dog toys. Depending on his breed, he may do well with snuggly toys or durable tough chew toys.

One of the most effective means of naturally reducing anxiety and boredom, besides regular exercise, are interactive dog toys. They offer mental stimulation and satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instincts. When seeking appropriate dog toys for your dog, consider your dog’s age, breed, skill level, and personality. If your dog is a chewer, look for durable, non-toxic dog toys. These are eco-friendly and safe for all dogs. Also good tips:

  • Look for safe, durable, and high-quality dog toys
  • Opt for non-toxic cruelty-free
  • Lots of interactive toys should not be chewed, so supervision is key to prevent excessive biting or gnawing
  • Dog toys should not replace regular exercise or dog sports

If you’re like most pet parents and end up accumulating lots of dog toys, keep in mind that rotation is key to keeping Fido enthusiastic about playtime. Be sure to invest in a chest for all your dog’s belongings to stash in when company comes over.