COVID-19 Information and Resources

Friends –

We at Michelson Found Animals believe people and pets belong together, and so it is our mission to champion pets at every point they intersect with our society. Those intersections are usually Pets & Housing, Pets & Homelessness, or Pets & Sustainability – for each, we offer the research and/or resources necessary to help people and pets live happier and healthier lives together.

Today, we are at a new intersection: Pets & COVID-19. As the world continues to fight against this crisis, MFA is working hard to stay abreast of scientific and societal developments and their impact on pets and people. We recognize that constant news updates make it hard to know what news to trust and see an opportunity to help.

To empower pet parents, pet professionals, and our pet-friendly housing partners, we’ve gathered trustworthy updates from top health experts to answer common pet-related questions. We have created clear recommendations our communities can follow to feel safe, and be safe, through this crisis. And of course, the Found Animals Registry continues to provide seamless service.

We wish you all health and safety, and know we will come out of this together.

For the pets,

Brett Yates, Executive Director – Michelson Found Animals

COVID-19 Resources