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Christmas Tree Alternatives for Pets Who Hate the Real Thing

Christmas Tree Alternatives

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The holidays might seem like all fun and games, but we pet owners know better. In fact, Christmas time is an epic struggle pitting two longtime foes against one another: animal versus Christmas tree. Who shall be the victor this year? Will the tree stay standing up or will it topple over again and again like last year? If this is hitting all too close to home, read on to learn more about why pets hate your holiday decor, and how you can choose from Christmas tree alternatives instead of dealing with the hassle of a real tree!

The Problem With Real Christmas Trees

Christmas trees present (pun intended) a real problem for pet owners during the holidays. The trees are mildly toxic to animals and fir tree oils can irritate the mouth and stomach. Eating a Christmas tree might also cause vomiting or excessive drooling. And pets shouldn’t drink tree water either, since it can cause health problems as well. In addition, the needles are difficult to digest and can result in gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting, obstruction or puncturing. Yikes!

Another issue is that some pets hate Christmas trees. Animals are afraid of them. And who can blame them? They’re large and looming and have clanking ornaments and flashing lights. Other pets might love the trees and try to climb them, but this also results in disaster. Some animals just knock trees over constantly. This obviously causes a headache for pet owners everywhere.

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Perhaps you’ve tried every which way to pet-proof your Christmas tree, but haven’t had any luck. No matter what you do, they knock the thing over, rip off the twinkling lights or smash dozens of fragile ornaments. Considering the many reasons not to get a real tree, here are some Christmas tree alternatives that will hopefully have a more harmonious relationship with your pets!

Tabletop Tree

Tabletop artificial trees are easier to fix if a pet knocks them over, and in the case of some pets, are out of reach entirely and thus impossible to knock over. They also don’t have any tree water to worry about pets sipping when you’re not looking. But keep in mind that artificial trees aren’t safe to eat either. Materials may contain toxins or any eaten pieces might get stuck in your pet’s intestines.

Felt Tree

A felt tree serves the dual purpose of being both pet-friendly and toddler-friendly. They come with stick-on ornaments that you can hang however you wish for a personalized touch. These trees are also nearly impossible to knock over since you hang them on the wall. While a cat or dog might pull them down, these trees are easy to rehang. And no breakable ornaments will shatter on the ground!

Wall Decal Tree

Sticky decal trees are the most low-maintenance of the bunch. You don’t even have to decorate them. You simply peel off the decal and stick it on your wall. The sticker is virtually impossible for a pet to tear down too! We like them because they’re reusable and won’t tear up your walls.