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Change a Pet’s Life Day

Change a Pet's Life Day

We’re celebrating National Change a Pet’s Life day… but seriously, let’s be real here. As much as we can change their lives with love, warmth, kindness (and a lot of treats), we’re the ones whose lives are forever changed as they become part of our families and worlds. They show us love, loyalty, and true friendship, and remind us to take time to enjoy life’s simple moments, with a favorite toy or just a spot in the sun. So celebrate this Change a Pet’s Life Day with your pet, or take this opportunity to open your heart and home to a new little soul who’s just waiting to see how you can both grow together.

Let’s look at the life of a newly adopted pooch as she updates her sibling on her new family.

Dear Finn,

Hey there! Virtual sniff sniff! Checking in to let you know how things are going since we both got adopted. I miss you and our other siblings, but seriously… my life has been AWESOME since I arrived at my new home.

First of all, I’m going by a new name now. My new parents call me Nymeria, after some cool dog on a TV show they like. It’s taken a bit of getting used to, but listen, if there are treats involved, I’ll answer to whatever they want to call me. Speaking of treats, I had no idea there were so many different kinds! There are treats for sitting and doing tricks, treats for doing my pees and poos outside, and sometimes, even treats for just being cute. I’ve got this one move where I chase them, then flop over on my belly with a look that says, “This belly’s not going to rub itself!” Works every time.

My parents and I do all kinds of fun things together. We go for long walks (even in the rain – they got me a super embarrassing rain coat – see the picture), we meet friends for brunch, go to the dog beach, and even hike at Runyon Canyon! I’m pretty sure I saw the French Bulldog from Modern Family there the other day, but it was tough to tell since she was wearing sunglasses.

My very favorite activity is night time cuddles. At first, they tried to play some kind of “this is your bed” game with a “dog bed” on the floor. It was nice and cushy and everything, but I realized that if I cried enough and used my suuuuper sad face, they’d put me in the bed with them and snuggle with me all night! Now, I don’t even have to whine to get in the bed – I think they secretly like it, too.

The only weird thing is that my parents go to something they call “work” pretty regularly. Some days, after our morning walk and breakfast, just when I’m getting excited about the day’s adventures, they say, “Ok Nymeria, we have to go to work. Be a good girl, and we’ll see you soon.” Then they offer me toys and chews, give me some scratches and a kiss, and then LEAVE! I mean… why would they want to do something that doesn’t involve playing with me?

And I have to spend the day with a grumpy old cat, who mostly brags about the size of the mice he used to catch, or favorite places to nap in the sun (ok… he actually had some good tips there). Luckily, they break up the cat days by letting me to go doggy daycare. I get scratches and snacks, and spend the whole day running around with other dogs, including some of the old gang from the rescue who ALSO have new homes!

So, that’s my new life, and it’s pretty great. I want to hear all about your new home and family, too. It looked like there are some of those people-puppies at your house – what’s that like? The old cat told me you can blame stuff you do on them – let me know how that works out in case we get any of those at our house in the future.

Oh! And if you want to keep up on everything I’m doing, follow me on Instagram. I’m my parents’ first fur kid, so they take pictures of EVERYTHING.

Keep waggin!