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Celebrate Earth Day with Your Pets

Dog owners know more than anyone else how wonderful it is to spend time outdoors with a furry friend. Playing games in a backyard, running on a trail, or walking around a neighborhood all bring us extra smiles when we’re with our pets. This Earth Day, Michelson Found Animals reflects on how important it is to take care of our planet – and we celebrate all the ways pet owners are leading the way! 

The purchases we make are among the loudest opportunities for our voices to be heard. MFA believes that one of the best ways to give back to our planet is to support sustainable pet care companies that care about our pets and the environment. Our Leap Venture Studio & Academy programs support innovative and socially-minded startups that are transforming the pet care industry.

Reducing Pollution & Treating Our Pets with Alternative Proteins 

Did you know that the pet food industry accounts for 30% of the meat we consume in the US? The environmental impact of that production is massive, creating more pollution, pandemic disease risk, and climate change. The founders of Wild Earth were shocked to learn this statistic as well, and were inspired to create a pet food company that is high protein, plant based, and sustainable. Wild Earth’s dog food and treats are made with koji mushroom protein that is clean and nutritious for dogs and tastes great too (our office dogs agree)! 

Another great source of protein with significantly lower environmental impact is cricket protein. Feeding your dog insects might sound strange at first, but wait till you hear the benefits! This superfood is high in protein, amino acids, vitamins B2 and B12, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and omegas – all while requiring much less water to produce. Jiminy’s dog food and treats are full of these essential nutrients and your dog will love the taste. Chippin also makes treats with cricket protein and a nutrient-dense algae called spirulina. Their treats are great for dogs with chicken allergies and their all natural ingredients create delicious flavors. 

Transforming Food Waste into Tasty Treats 

Another huge contributor to climate change is food waste. Every year in the US, enough food is thrown away to feed half of our population. The co-founders of Shameless Pets saw this waste as an opportunity to feed our pets and reduce the negative environmental impact. Shameless Pets upcycles unused foods. For example, they turn eggshells into calcium treats, and lobster shells into delicious and nutrient rich collagen treats for your pets!  With flavors like “blueberried treasure” and “applenoon delight,” your dogs are sure to find a new favorite treat. 

More Ways To Be a Sustainable Pet Parent

Now that your pet has new sustainable food and treat options, what else can you do to lower your environmental impact for Earth Day? Millions of tons of plastic enter our oceans every year, polluting the environment and killing wildlife. Project Blu converts plastic waste into stylish and comfortable dog and cat beds, leashes, collars, and toys. Their sustainable products are built to last – withstanding the biting, pulling, and playing around of our pets, all while helping clean up our oceans. They’re available in Europe now, and are coming to the US soon!

Here are a few more ways you can care for your pets and our planet: 

  • Enjoy nature with your pup and celebrate Earth Day! 
  • Make new toys for your pets with materials you already have at home. You can use an old t-shirt to make a braided tug toy or tie old jeans around a tennis ball. 
  • Switch to eco-friendly poop bags (like beyondGREEN) to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill. 
  • Cook a vegan meal and give the veggie odds & ends to your pet. Shameless Pets co-founder, James Bello, recommends carrot nubs and skins, bell pepper bits, and zucchini and cucumber ends. 

Where You Spend Your Money Matters 

About 67 percent of US households own a pet, which means that pet parents make up a huge percentage of consumers. Co-founder and CEO of Wild Earth, Ryan Bethencourt, puts it best: “Where you spend your money is a more powerful vote than almost anything else.” 

On Earth Day, thinking about what brands you support and how that impacts the environment is especially important. MFA is proud to support companies like Wild Earth, Jiminy’s, Chippin, Shameless Pets, and Project Blu because they are making pet care more sustainable and the world a greener place. Thank you for celebrating Earth Day with us, and we hope you enjoy these new brands and activities that your pets will love!