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Catifying Your Apartment

Catifying Your Apartment

Catifying Your Apartment for a Happy Cat

“Cat-ifying” your apartment can help reduce the habits that annoy you. This includes things like meowing all night long, eating houseplants and scratching clothes that hang in the closet. You don’t need to truck in more cat furniture than human furniture and you don’t need to spend a lot of money!

Since cats are creatures of habit, their environment affects them on the deepest level.  If you don’t create an environment that pleases them, there will be consequences! And living in a small space with indoor cats requires a little more effort to keep everyone happy. Here are our interior design tips for happy cats and happy cat owners!

Where Do They Like to Hang Out?

The first thing you want to think about is whether you have a “tree-dweller” or a “ground-dweller.” A tree-dweller likes to be up high, while a ground-dweller is content hanging out on the floor. The trick is identifying their domain and turning it into their happy place.

Create Escape Paths

Cats like to be able to make a complete circle around their space without touching the ground. They also need to have an escape path, either horizontal or vertical. They don’t like being cornered with no way out.

Designate Chill-Out Spots

Compromise is key, so if they love laying on a certain shelf and you have had no luck keeping them off of it, you are probably not going to win this battle. Instead, clear a section they can comfortably lay on and move your things to the side. Providing more enticing spots will help keep them away from the places you wish they wouldn’t go.

Protect Your Plants

If your cat likes to nibble your plants, try protecting your greenery in a mini indoor greenhouse. Plant special cat grass to help deter them from eating any plants that you need to leave out. Cat grass grows very quickly and it will keep your cat occupied!

Optimize Your Window Space

Cats love to lounge in front of the window. If your windowsill isn’t large enough to accommodate, try screwing a board or wooden floating shelf into the top of the sill. You can also purchase a window perch if you don’t want to make your own.

Make DIY Scratching Posts

Try wrapping beams, table legs or whatever else you have in sisal or sturdy rope to encourage scratching and climbing in a non-damaging way.

Dangle Everything

Hang dangling things anywhere you can. If you have a simple metal storage shelf, try going without the bottom shelf and give that space up for your ground-dwelling cat. Hang dangling toys like a curtain, or stick a basket in there and your cat will stay out of trouble while enjoying his little space.

Indulge them

Hang your laundry inside and your cat will have a ball. Or before you toss a box, let your cat play with it for a few hours. After all, they are animals before they are pets; to be good owners, we must realize this.

These are just a few unobtrusive and inexpensive additions you can make in your space.  Every cat should have a good cat tree, a tall scratching post and a quiet place to sleep!