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Cat and Dog Vaccinations 101

Cat and Dog Vaccinations

Cat and dog vaccinations are an important part of being a pet owner. They’re crucial to the health of your furry BFF! Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation out there concerning vaccines, but we’re here to set the record straight. Here’s our intro to cat and dog vaccinations!

Does My Pet Need Vaccines?

Yes! A million times yes! Vaccines are necessary for all pets. Even cats and dogs that are the only animal in the home can benefit from vaccines. Even indoor cats need vaccines!

Vaccinations prevent illnesses big and small. They help stave off small things like a cough, as well as more severe illnesses like rabies. Vaccines are especially important for animals that interact with other pets or spend time outdoors. A common vaccine example is the Bordetella vaccine that helps prevent “kennel cough,” a dog cold that is easily spread at dog parks, shows, daycares and kennels.

In fact, many locations require that pets are all up to date on their vaccinations. Kennels, daycares and other places want to prevent the spread of disease, so they ask for proof that your pet is current on certain vaccines.

How Do I know Which Vaccines My Pet Needs?

There are two types of vaccines: “core” vaccines and “non-core” vaccines. Core cat and dog vaccinations are required for pets. They prevent common and/or serious illnesses. Other optional vaccinations are considered non-core.

The best way to know which vaccines your pet needs is to simply speak to your veterinarian. A vet will tell you exactly which vaccinations your pet needs and how often they need to get them. Which vaccines your vet recommends will depend on your pet and their lifestyle. For instance, a dog that frequents lakes and dog parks might require more vaccines than a dog that stays inside and away from other pooches for the most part.

Click here to see which core and non-core vaccines might be best for your cat or dog. The link also includes a schedule so you’ll know how often the vaccines need to be updated.

Where You Can Get Low-Cost Vaccines

Veterinary care ain’t cheap. Luckily it’s not too difficult to find low-cost vaccines. Many pet stores offer affordable vaccine clinics. Just make sure to bring your pet’s health records, including documentation of past vaccinations.