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Meet our Acting Executive Director, Brett Yates

Brett Yates

Brett Yates is the Chief Operations Officer and Acting Executive Director for Michelson Found Animals where he has been able to combine his passion for helping animals with his expertise in investments, program development, and driving great business results. He has been with MFA for two years and has helped to guide the organization into some exciting projects including our Return To Owner program, Leap Venture Studios, the Better Neighbor Project, the Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative, and several others. In addition, Brett has helped existing programs to excel including having more pets and owners in our Registry than ever before and helping to save more lives of cats and dogs in the LA area.

In each of his positions previous to MFA, Brett has been passionate about coming up with and implementing new programs, products, and services. He has driven companies and organizations from start-ups to multi-nationals managing all functions within the businesses. Brett has managed at a senior level for large companies such as First American, Fiserv, and Janus Mutual Funds. He is also an entrepreneur who has consulted for multiple start- up organizations.

His strategies and management will help to drive MFA goals into an environment where we confront the industry’s broken legacy systems that keep people from experiencing the joy of having a pet as a family member.

Brett has a B.A. from The University of Denver in Finance / Real Estate.

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