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#BetterTogether: Why Dogs are Man’s Best Friend

#BetterTogether: Why Dogs are Man’s Best Friend

Forget diamonds — dogs are a girl’s best friend. Heck, dogs are everyone’s best friend! Here are our top reasons why dogs and people are #bettertogether.

  1. If cats are a roommate, dogs are a child. Dogs cling to us and we cling right back. Dogs aren’t independent like their kitty counterparts. Dogs need an intense emotional connection and we need it too.
  2. Dogs are patient. Dogs let us dress them up in crazy clothes and costumes, talk to them in ridiculous voices and take endless photos for the ‘gram.
  3. Dogs are cuddly. Dogs understand the human need for physical contact. Dogs live for belly rubs, pets and scratches behind the ear. Many dog owners know that dogs are the perfect shoulder to cry on.
  4. Dogs don’t judge us. Dogs won’t tell us we look tired when we don’t have makeup on. Dogs don’t notice our bad hair days or laugh at us when toilet paper is stuck to our shoe.
  5. Dogs improve our mental health. Being around dogs makes our brain release dopamine and serotonin. These “feel-good” chemicals help us fight depression and anxiety.
  6. Dogs are smart. Sometimes it’s scary how smart dogs are. Dogs know where the treats are and how to break out of the house when the pizza guy makes a delivery. Dogs know which people to trust. Dogs can learn literally hundreds of words and commands.
  7. Dogs help us be more social. We live in a world where people don’t know their neighbors and rarely look up from their phones. But simply taking your dog on a walk or a trip to the dog park inspires us to connect with other humans face to face.
  8. Dogs are hilarious. Everything from their derp faces to their farts are hysterical.
  9. Dogs inspire us to heal. At Found Animals, we sometimes come across pets with a really rough past. But dogs don’t let bad memories slow them down. Dogs constantly inspire us with their ability to recover from trauma. Despite unhappy beginnings, these dogs learn to trust and love others with an open heart. Frankly, we could all learn a thing or two from them.

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