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The Best Vacuums and Air Purifiers: How to Prep Your Home for the Pet-Allergic

The Best Vacuums

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We love our pets. It’s hard to imagine that anyone wouldn’t love them. But for people that get all itchy and sneezy around our animals, it’s a different story. It’s hard for these folks to feel enamored when their eyes swell up and their noses drip all over their faces every time your pet jumps in their lap. So what do you do when they stay at your house? How do you prep your home for the folks with cat allergies or dog allergies? Here’s how to make their trip as painless as possible. We also included a buying guide of the best vacuums and an air purifier!


Get to the root of the problem! Experts believe it’s dander (dead skin cells) or saliva, not actually fur, that causes pet allergies. That being said, cutting way down on your guests’ exposure to pet fur will still make their visit to your home much more pleasant. One way to do this is to reduce your pet’s shedding.

Fur-st (ha!) brush your pet with a FURminator for dogs and cats. These brushes remove excess fur in a big way and you’ll be shocked by the amount of shedding they reduce. We can’t recommend them enough. FURminator also offers deshedding cat shampoo and dog shampoo.


Next you need to deep-clean every surface in your home. Scrub down hard surfaces and vacuum carpets, drapes and furniture. Every inch needs to be spotless and fur-free!

Here are some of the best vacuums: The Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum has an almost-perfect 5-star rating and over 1,000 ratings on Amazon. This baby is only $79.99 so you get a big bang for your buck. If you live in a studio or other small space, you might want to go with the Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum. This vacuum is for carpet and comes with a TruePet Mini Motorized Brush and 15-foot Power Cord.

Once your home is clean, keep it clean. An easy way to do this is to get a robot vacuum. We recommend the iRobot Roomba 960. This gadget does all the work while you enjoy your guest’s company. It even has wifi connectivity! Also keep your pet confined to a room or space away from your guests.


Lastly, get an air purifier. These machines help by removing dander, dust, pollen and other allergens from the air. Try the AIRMEGA 400. It has light sensors and covers rooms up to 1,560 square feet. It also adapts to the air quality of your room. In other words, if you have a lot of dander in the room, it will work extra hard to clean the air.