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Adoption Success Stories: Sadie, Neo, Pan and Pepper

Adoption Success Stories

One of the very best parts of working in the animal welfare sector is seeing adoption success stories. The expressions of cats, dogs and the people who adopt them are priceless. Big smiles all around! Here are four pets who met their furever families.


Woman holding gray cat

Sadie (the one-eyed cat formally known as “Patches”) is a spunky, little 4-year-old who exemplifies the term “tortitude.” When she’s not attacking my toes or running around our apartment like a lunatic, she’s happy to simply cuddle and purr. Her favorite toy is a plush snail and least favorite food is salmon (I know, it’s weird). Once I knew I wanted to adopt a cat, I knew I wanted to look for one that was “less adoptable.” This little, adult one-eyed kitty stole my heart and I couldn’t be happier. 


Neo and Pan

Black & white cat and orange cat sleeping on bed

I adopted Neo, the Flame Point Siamese, from the Kitten Foster Project in 2014. Later that year, I fostered Pan, a Turkish Van, for Christmas. Neo and Pan became immediate besties so I ended up adopting him 2 days later. Both are 3 years old now and the best cats anyone could ever ask for.



Person holding black and white dog

If you’ve perused the, you’re probably familiar with my work but don’t even know it. I’m Shannon, the writer here at Michelson Found Animals. I write all the paw-some puns and bad jokes on this site.

I started working for MFA back in October. I lost my dog a few months prior and was experiencing cognitive dissonance like no other. I was desperate to get a new dog but honestly felt like I’d never find “the one” ever again. The unexpected death of my last dog stung like heck and every time I met other animals, it hurt even more. They just didn’t measure up. OMG I’LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN. Cue the sad music, ugly crying in the rain, etc.

One day I had to do “meet and greets” with some of the dogs. I frequently whip up bios for our available animals and need to familiarize myself with their personalities. One of the volunteers brought out a black and white dog and said, “This is Pepper and she’s a big baby.”

The dog looked like a grumpy old lady cradled in the volunteer’s arms like the baby Jesus. Weirdest. Nativity. Scene. Ever. I pulled her into my lap and Pepper quickly made herself at home in the crook of my elbow. It was then that my cold dark heart cracked open like a rotten egg and all the warm gooey insides oozed out.

I restrained myself for an entire 6 days before I succumbed to Pepper’s charms and adopted her. I texted a photo to my brother and his response was, “What is that… thing? Did you adopt a Gremlin?”

Yes, yes I did. This weirdo Boston Terrier and Chihuahua mix crawled into my lap and subsequently my life forever. She’s taught me that while there’s nothing like your first love, there are always more fish dogs in the sea shelter.