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Adoption Success Stories: Ollie, Little, Spot, Orangey, Abe, James and Taylor

Adoption Success Stories

At Found Animals, there are few things we love more than a good adoption success story. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry… and sometimes they’ll make you just wanna go to the nearest shelter and adopt a new best friend. Here are some of our favorite success stories!


Woman kneeling next to shaggy white dog

April 13, 2014 (Friday the 13th) was my lucky day and Ollie’s too! I had just lost my Homer 3 weeks. earlier to The Rainbow Bridge. Wasn’t quite ready and wasn’t going to get a puppy. Stopped in Adopt & Shop to pass the time, waiting for a friend for dinner. I saw Ollie, who was called Fozzie Bear, and had to see him. He was 8 weeks old, 6 lbs and the cutest ever. Our eyes met and the rest is history.

I took him home that night and knew he was special. So special that he is now a registered Pet Partner Team with me and we visit Children’s Hospital L.A., bringing miles of smiles to all we visit and meet. He is happy all the time and also loves to surf on The Lucy Pet Surf Machine. Thank you for rescuing him from the Downey Shelter so that I could adopt him.

-Marcy E.

Little, Spot and Orangey

Three sleeping cats on plaid blanket

We started off as first-time foster parents, and were lucky enough to have three 6-week-old boys come home with us. After two weeks, and many ounces of weight gain, we dropped them off to be neutered and asked if they could be ours permanently. We officially adopted them on July 10th, 2018.

They are growing bigger every day — they enjoy running around the house, playing with toys and each other and never miss the opportunity for a power nap. We are extremely happy to have them in our lives. They make us laugh every day.

-Kelly C.


White dog sitting on woman's lap in car

I had just lost my precious Joey on December 5, 2015. I absolutely did not want another dog, as I was completely heart-broken. My husband and daughter went to Adopt and Shop in Culver City four days after I had lost Joey. They told me about a cute little dog named Chamberlain they wanted to adopt. I said, “Absolutely not!!!” I wasn’t ready; my heart was in a million pieces.

Two days later, I came home from work and a little white fluff-ball greeted me at the door. I was shocked and upset. I was determined not to love this pup. It was too soon. My daughter put him into my arms and he immediately put his head against my heart as if to say, “It’s okay. I know you’re hurting. I just want to love you.”

Each day that went by after that my heart healed back a little more and a little more. Abe was the one who brought me back. When I pick him up after a bad day, he seems to know it, and he will rest his little head against my heart each time.

-Lisa B

James and Taylor

Black cat with gray and white Husky

A little over 2 years ago, we adopted a kitten named James (originally Brownie) from the Culver City location. We fell in love with Adopt & Shop and have been going back there frequently for free clinics, grooming services and to purchase pet supplies. In that time, we have watched the incredible care that the staff has for the animals and knew we wanted to get a dog from the same location. About two months ago, we adopted Taylor (aka Oasis) – a female Husky mix a little over a year old. We were a little curious about introducing a dog into our single cat home, but James and Taylor immediately became friends!

In the past 8 weeks, we have watched our cat and dog play together, sleep together, share food, survive a heat wave and even ride in the car together on a road trip to Northern California! Taylor truly completes our family and James has been the perfect “big brother,” showing his new furry sibling all around her new home. James and Taylor do everything together! We are so happy to have such amazing pets and are very thankful to Adopt & Shop for bringing both of these animals into our lives!

-Megan G.