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Adoption Success Stories: George, Kehlani and Dinah

Adoption Success Stories

One of our favorite parts of working in animal welfare is adoption success stories. Here are three stories of pets who lived happily ever after after!


George is an adorable, shorthair black kitten with green eyes. George was one of three brothers we were presented with. He was the mellowest of the three, and he seemed like he could easily be trained to be a lap cat and lover. George turned out to be quite a sweetheart. He has the loudest purr and he enjoys rubbing his cheeks on our cheeks and sleeping with us. He has even taken a liking to our big German Shepherd, who in turn is quite enamored with George. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you!



Kehlani has brought so much joy to our household. She is very playful but also loves to cuddle on the sofa with us while we watch TV. She loves running at the park and trying to get her cat sister to play with her. She is also a big fan of squeaky toys but is a very picky eater, just like her mom! She goes to doggie day care every Friday so she can visit with her doggie friends and so she can see all her old Adopt & Shop friends!



My wife and I came into the store on a Monday night. We asked to see a male kitten, and after a few minutes with him, as disappointed as we were, we both knew that he was not a good fit for us.

Feeling discouraged, I asked my wife if there was another pet she would like to see. As we walked through the room seeing the kittens behind the glass, we noticed that one of the kittens was meowing every time we walked by. I mentioned it to my wife, and she agreed, “This is the last kitten though. If the fit isn’t right then we have to leave and come back another day.” She was feeling very emotional, and she badly wanted to take all of the animals home!

When they opened the carrier in the “getting to know you” room in the back of the store, we knew right away Dinah was the one. She strolled right out of the carrier, walked straight over to both of us, checked out the room, then ate a fly. My wife was pretty impressed that she caught and ate a fly.

Then Dinah was ready to play! I didn’t see the toy on the wall, so I untied my shoelaces and swung them around. Dinah came to life! She was jumping, pouncing and running all over the room. After about 15 minutes, my wife said, “OK, go get the application.”

While I went to pick up the iPad at the front counter to begin filling out the application, Dinah was startled by something in the shop and jumped right into my wife’s lap for safety. If it wasn’t already obvious, we certainly knew now that she was going to be a good fit.

We filled out the paperwork, purchased the necessary supplies at the store (carrier, litter box, litter and some wet and dry food), and brought Dinah straight to her new home. It’s only a week later, but it is a full-on love fest. Dinah is sweet and calm during the day. She loves snuggling, being pet and naps. But when the sun goes down watch out! She runs through the house jumping and playing just like she did in Adopt & Shop.

We couldn’t possibly be happier with our decision. More, Adopt & Shop was the best place for adoption! The staff was friendly and helpful. In the welcome packet they provide coupons on supplies and toys in the shop, a free initial veterinarian exam and the complete medical history of your new family member.

My wife and I have been back to the store to pick up more supplies already, and we plan to continue shopping for our pet’s needs at Adopt & Shop Culver City.

Thank you for taking such good care of our new family member. We’ll take it from here.