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7 Ways to Pamper Your Pet That You’ve Never Heard Of

7 Ways to Pamper Your Pet That You’ve Never Heard Of

We of all people know that people are crazy about their pets. We’d do anything for them… well, almost anything. We combed the internet for the most lavish, expensive or downright unusual ways people pamper their pets. These range from cushy to downright ludicrous. So get out your second credit card, folks. Here are seven ways to spoil your pet that you’ve probably never heard of!


Aromatherapy is popular for people, but dogs and cats can also benefit. Always make sure you use essential oils that are safe for pets!

Designer Dog Perfume

Perhaps dog perfume is an intuitive choice. After all, dogs are not known for being the most pleasant-smelling of animals. However, designer dog perfume, costing thousands of dollars, still caught us by surprise. It’s probably not worth the price tag, but at least it’ll make your wet dog smell less like a wet dog.


Beauty doesn’t have to mean pain. Pet facials are a beauty treatment that they’ll definitely enjoy more than manicure.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are all the rage for people, and proponents claim they offer healing and weight loss benefits. Now infrared saunas are available for pets too. You can buy your own infrared device or take your pet to special spas.

Dog Wedding Chapel

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? There’s love! Pageantry! An open bar! Well, the only thing better than a good wedding is a good dog wedding. And one at the special Dog Wedding Chapel can run you upwards of $30,000. What is it exactly? The Chapel is basically a dog house shaped like a church… no open bar included.

Massage Therapy

Oooohhhh! That’s the spot! Treat your pet to a soothing massage. Many pets love the affection and find that a good rubdown eases all their troubles goodbye.


Neuticles are for the pet owner worried that their pet feels emasculated by their neuter surgery. They are prosthetic testicles placed in the scrotum after sterilization. We don’t know if they actually boost an animal’s self-esteem or body image, but they’re certainly a great way to spend your paycheck.

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